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New designs available on items on sale in the Zazzle shop

I added some new jigsaw puzzles and playing cards to the ScenicJigsaws Zazzle shop in early October. 

At this stage the number of images available in the Zazzle shop is beginning to grow.

The aim is to grow it so there is plenty of variety on offer, but that takes time. 

Six new designs were added this month, which is twelve new products all told.

Thatched Cottage a design used on a Jigsaw Puzzle in the Zazzle shop

Thatch Cottage

This image, available like the others on both products, shows an Irish thatched cottage in a rural location.

Cottages like this one were very common in rural Ireland through to the latter stages of the twentieth century.

There were some in urban areas as well, but they didn’t dominate things there.

Now in the twenty first century there are some left, but very few, and very much allude to the past. 

I’ve used this design on both products and made them available in the Zazzle shop.

Photo used as a design on playing cards in the Zazzle shop

Near Lough Na Fooey

Lough Na Fooey is in Connemara, North County Galway bordering County Mayo a few miles West of Lough Mask.

You can see its Western end in the top right had side of this photograph.

It’s a scenic area with mountains, valleys and rivers and you can see them as well as the lake.

The whole Connemara region is scenic, but this is one of the most spectacular parts.

View of the River Shannon at Athlone

River Shannon

The Shannon is the longest river in Ireland, and here it passes through Athlone, regarded as the centre of Ireland.

Cruising on this river is a popular holiday for some people, with many returning time and time again.

A North Connemara landscape

North Connemara design used in my Zazzle shop

Mountains and lakes are always beautiful to look at, and Connemara has a lot of both.

This photograph was taken on the road between Leenane and Clifden, in the North West of Connemara.

Slightly to the North of here is Killary Fjord, the only fjord anywhere in Ireland’

Some boats moored at Spiddal Harbour

Boats, Spiddal

Spiddal is also in Connemara, on the coast of Galway Bay, a little North of Galway City.

It’s one of many small harbours dotted all around the coast of Ireland.

The village is the home of Ros Na Rún, the only Iris language soap opera, filmed here. 

A view of Roscommon Town

Roscommon a design in my Zazzle shop

This photograph is of Roscommon Town, the main town of the county with the same name.

County Roscommon is bordered on the East by most of the Northern portion of the River Shannon. 

It is an inland county and one of the few Irish counties that doesn’t border the sea at any point.

All the photographs illustrating this article are used as designs on Jigsaw Puzzles and Playing Cards in my Zazzle shop.

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