Where To Find Puzzles To Solve

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Here are some places where you can find many different kinds of puzzles to solve.

Puzzles can relieve boredom, stimulate and exercise your brain, or simply be a whole lot of fun.

In one form or another puzzles have been around for thousands of years.

No one seems to know for sure how long, but it could be 2,300 years or more.

People are creating new puzzles, and sometimes new puzzle types, on an ongoing basis. 

All this means that the variety of puzzles to solve available now is better than ever before.

While you may not like all types of puzzle, I’m sure that there are some that you do like.

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Wire and Metal Puzzles to solve

Again this puzzle genre is large and varied involving many worthy challenges.

Wire Puzzles are rigid wire like metal constructions where two are intertwined, and need to be disassembled and reassembled.

Coin Jigsaw Puzzles, where coins have been cut into jigsaw pieces, and solved like any other Jigsaw Puzzle.

Puzzle Rings are puzzles in the form of rings, and some can also be used as ordinary rings.

Cage Puzzles, where objects have to be freed from a cage they’re trapped in.

Chess Piece Puzzles, pieces from a chess set have a coin trapped inside and the aim is to get the coin.

Wire and Metal Puzzles are an interesting genre of puzzle, and some of the nicest to look at. 

Puzzles to solve; Photo on a Jigsaw Puzzle

Find Jigsaw Puzzles to solve

Jigsaw Puzzles have been around since 1766 when they were invented by John Spilsbury.

They’re a very popular type and one that just about everyone has solved, especially when young.

Some of them, aimed at very young children, only have a handful of pieces.

Ones with ever an increasing number of pieces are intended for children as they get older.

When you get to ones with 1,000 or more pieces, they’re more likely to be solved by adults.

Children, even older ones, don’t all have a boredom threshold that will keep them motivated to solve a big Jigsaw.

What make Jigsaw Puzzles so desirable is the picture, photograph or graphic it will grow into.

Many Jigsaws depict a lovely image and can be mounted and framed, and displayed on a wall when completed.  

You can find some photographic Jigsaw Puzzles to solve and turn into a fine completed picture. 

Puzzles to solve; Covers of some Puzzle Books

Some great puzzles come in Puzzle Books

Not all puzzles are designed to morph into a beautiful, or indeed any form of picture.

Many are presented on paper to be solved there, with a pen or pencil.

Some of these are math based while others are all about words, and all come with answers also.

Sudoku, Kakuro and Akari are some of the more popular math based puzzles.

Crossword Puzzles and Word Search are evergreen word puzzles to solve.

Unlike Jigsaw Puzzles when you’re left with a picture, after completing these they’re usually just discarded.

The appeal of these puzzles is the challenge in solving them because they can be demanding.  

They are often sold in book form with many, often hundreds in a single book.

Some Puzzle Books contain all one type of puzzle while others have two, three or more.

Here’s a selection of all my books and my Puzzle Books including ones of word and math puzzles with answers.

Gorgeous array  of Wooden Puzzles

The first Wooden Puzzles were also the first Jigsaw Puzzles, but there’s been many more created since.

Initially those Jigsaw Puzzles were wooden maps cut into pieces with which to teach geography.

Since then, the scope of Wooden Puzzles has blossomed, thanks to the imagination and ingenuity of their creators.

Apart from the puzzle element some of these are works of art when solved.

Among the very many Wooden Puzzles to solve that have been introduced are;

Assembly Puzzles, a variety of puzzles that have to be assembled from the necessary wooden pieces.

Picture Frame Puzzles, a collection of wooden shapes on a theme that have to be fitted together in a frame.  

Dexterity Puzzles, a varied lot of puzzles many of which are maze based puzzles.

Math Puzzles, are puzzles that are solved with different but mathematical strategies.  

This is just a quick look at some of the many Wooden Puzzles to solve that’s available.

Puzzle Boxes are more than just a puzzle

Puzzle Boxes originate in Japan some time in the early to mid Nineteenth Century.

Originally the were mainly small boxes to hide things in, or keep other things safe.

In the later 1800s they began to emerge in their modern form.

They are boxes where you have to solve a sequence of moves in order to open them.

Some of them are still used to store things, while more are simply used as puzzles.

Like most other puzzles some are relatively easy to solve while others are very complex.

As well as being puzzles, and useful, some of these boxes are often ornate and decorative. 

This is a place to find some great Puzzle Boxes to solve.

Photograph used on the reverse side of a deck of Playing Cards

Playing Cards for games or as a puzzle

There’s a lot of great games that you can play with a deck of Playing Cards.

While most of these are just that, games, some others definitely qualify as puzzles.

These are mainly the various forms of Solitaire or Patience, where you play/solve alone.

Almost all card games are better played by people with good memories, which is similar to most puzzles.

Playing Cards can be used as a simple pass time like Solitaire, or as a serious form of gambling. 

Here I’m just looking at he puzzle aspects of the humble deck of Playing Cards.

Solitaire exists in many forms are great if you have a short amount of spare time.

Set a challenge of learning as many forms of it as you can find.

And you’ll need a deck of cards like these ones you’ll find at this site

Puzzle Locks for security perhaps

Most Puzzle Locks are made of metal but some are also made from wood.

While the majority of Puzzle Locks are oped with a key or sometimes keys, some aren’t.

There are other imaginative methods used to open some of the locks.

A lot of these lacks can be used like conventional locks, but are mostly a bit expensive.

Like a lot of other puzzles, they look a little special and too nice to use like an ordinary padlock.

There’s a good display of Puzzle Locks here if you’re interested in them.