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Treat Yourself; River scene

Reflection in River Corrib

A century ago a railway line existed between Galway City and Clifden, right through the Connemara region.

The railway crossed the River Corrib over bridge built on three pillars, of which this was the middle one.

In 1935 the railway service was discontinued and the bridge dismantled a decade later.

Apart from the pillars, there is little evidence left that such a railway track ever existed.

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Treat Yourself; Lough Derg

On Lough Derg

Lough Derg is a lake on the Shannon River, which is the longest river in Ireland.

The lakes shores straddle three counties, Clare and Galway on the west, and Tipperary on the east.

The section of the lake photographed is in County Clare, and is at the south west end.

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Treat Yourself; Gaol River, Galway

Along the Gaol River

The Gaol River in Galway runs right beside Galway Cathedral and in through Nun’s Island.

Before The Cathedral was built a gaol stood on this site, and that’s the origin of the name.

The old gaol wall still surrounded the Cathedral as it was being built until was nearly completed.

It separates from the River Corrib a little north of here and rejoins a few hundred yards farther on.

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Treat Yourself; Lough Cullin

Beside Lough Cullin, Co Mayo

Lough Cullin is just south of Lough Conn and they’re separated by a short, narrow waterway.

The two lakes are in north mid Mayo, between the towns of Castlebar and Ballina.

Mayo is one of the most scenic counties in Ireland, particularly along the north and west coasts.

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A fox


I saw this fox and had the kit lens, which is almost a wide angle, fitted to my camera at the time.

There was no point in asking the fox to stay put while I changed lenses, so I took some photos at this distance.

I had another camera body with me but it would have taken time to fit a lens to that also.

Since then I always have two cameras with me, with lenses that cover a very wide range.

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Ballindooley Castle, Galway

Ballindooley Castle, Galway

This castle is just about three miles outside Galway City, north on the Headford Road.

In the 1980’s it was in a very dilapidated state and on the verge of falling apart.

It was bought in that state and repaired but not restored to its original state.

It’s got the shape of a medieval castle but a plastered rather than a stone exterior.

While it looks good from a distance, up close it looks just a little bit odd.

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Newport, Co. Mayo

Newport Co. Mayo

Newport is a picturesque little town in west Co. Mayo, on the eastern shore of Clew Bay.

The road west from the town brings you to Achill Island which you can drive onto over a bridge.

The view in the photograph is the one entering the town from the south, with the Blackoak River in front.

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Connemara landscape

Landscape with River and Mountains

This is a simple landscape withs a river in the foreground and some mountains behind.

The water level in the river seems to be very low as some of the river bed is exposed.

In the middle distance there seems to be the edge of a forest on top of a hill.

Despite the low water level in the river, which you’d expect in summer this photograph was taken in March.

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Summer landscape, Connemara

Mountain and River Scenery

The description of this photograph is very similar to the last, featuring the same elements.

However this photograph has a lot of green in it, while the other has a distinct lack of the colour.

This photograph looks like it was taken in summer, and it was, in June.

Both of these photographs were taken in Connemara, but in different parts of it.

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At Galway Docks

Beside Galway Docks

The dock area of Galway is just to the right of this photograph, where you can see one small boat.

To the left is a row of parked cars and a parking metre in front of them.

Beyond that you see the streets leading into the centre of Galway City, and also to areas like The Claddagh and Salthill.

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North Tipperary

North Tipperary View

The view in this photograph extends a long way back before there’s any hint of a mountain, or hill even.

North Country Tipperary is in the midlands of Ireland which is a mountain free zone.

This is a very typical rural Irish scene of country roads, green fields and scattered buildings.

Most on Ireland’s are along the west coast or in County Wicklow on the east coast.

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Female Mallard Duck

Female Mallard

This photograph was taken in Galway where there are mallard ducks everywhere near to water.

There are several other type of duck that are supposed to be native to the Galway are.

However it’s rare to ever see any other duck in Galway, there’s just mallards everywhere.

I hope you find some thing among these that will make you want to treat yourself.

You might also find some thing that you might consider giving as a gift to someone special.

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