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44 Puzzle Books To Keep You Actively Engaged

Puzzles are challenging, absorbing and possibly frustrating, and sometimes all three at the same time.
They’re very good at keeping your brain in good working order longer than if you didn’t keep it stimulated.
Therefore solving puzzles on a regular basis, particularly as you get older is a positive thing to do.

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Drawing Books And Others Published In December

Drawing Books made up as much of the books I published in December as Puzzle Books.
The first one is a Drawing Book, which I’d uploaded in November but it didn’t get published until December.
Marupeke is a puzzle that is not as well know as some more established puzzles, yet.

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Where To Find Puzzles To Solve

Here are some places where you can find many different kinds of puzzles to solve.
Puzzles can re-leave boredom, stimulate and exercise your brain, or simply be a whole lot of fun.
In one form or another puzzles have been around for thousands of years.
No one seems to know for sure how long, but it could be 2,300 years or more.
People are creating new puzzles, and sometimes new puzzle types, on an ongoing basis.

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October Books; New Publications This Month

October books; I’ve published some more new books, mostly puzzle, this month also.
There are a few journals and notebooks included, some capable of catering to many different note taking needs.
In this blog post you can read a quick summary of what each book is all about.
There’s a link for each book to let you have a look inside some of it.