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Treat Yourself To A Newly Published Gift

Treat yourself to a Jigsaw Puzzle or a deck of Playing Cards from those newly published this month.
In this horrible time when we’re all struggling, treat yourself to a gift that will help kill time.
Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle and you have the option of keeping it intact as a picture.
Alternatively you can break it up and start all over again, and have twice the fun with it.
Get a deck of Playing Cards and see how many new card games you can learn.
There are so many, some to play with other people, and many you can play alone.

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Photographic Products, Newly Published In January

Photographic products, this month I’ve published some more jigsaw puzzles and playing cards featuring photographs.
As ever, each photograph is used on both, as the puzzle in the jigsaw puzzle and on the reverse of the playing cards.
I try to add some new jigsaw puzzles and playing cards every month to build up a good selection.

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Where To Find Puzzles To Solve

Here are some places where you can find many different kinds of puzzles to solve.
Puzzles can re-leave boredom, stimulate and exercise your brain, or simply be a whole lot of fun.
In one form or another puzzles have been around for thousands of years.
No one seems to know for sure how long, but it could be 2,300 years or more.
People are creating new puzzles, and sometimes new puzzle types, on an ongoing basis.

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Jigsaw Puzzles; Added In November

Jigsaw Puzzles; I’ve published some more of them in November, as well as Playing Cards.
As ever the designs on both products are landscape photographs, all taken in Ireland.
This month I’ve add ten new photographs to my Zazzle Shop; ScenicJigsaws.

New designs available on items on sale in the Zazzle shop

Zazzle Shop New Designs

I added some new jigsaw puzzles and playing cards to the ScenicJigsaws Zazzle shop in early October. At this stage the number of images available in the Zazzle shop is beginning to grow.The aim is to grow it so there is plenty of variety on offer.

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Playing Cards, good for games and puzzles

Playing cards are both a game and a puzzle, depending on how you’re using them. Where cards ape played by more than one person, they are generally games. Card games include Bridge, Poker, Whist and Blackjack. On the other hand where a person plays alone, the game can also be regarded as a puzzle. Single player card games include Klondike and Concentration.