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44 Puzzle Books To Keep You Actively Engaged

Puzzles are challenging, absorbing and possibly frustrating, and sometimes all three at the same time.
They’re very good at keeping your brain in good working order longer than if you didn’t keep it stimulated.
Therefore solving puzzles on a regular basis, particularly as you get older is a positive thing to do.

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FREE Sudoku Puzzles; I’m Giving Them Away

FREE Sudoku puzzles; that’s right I’m giving 100 of them away to any body that wants them.
They’re in PDF form that you can download, print them out, and enjoy solving your free Sudoku puzzles.
The solutions are at the end of the PDF so that you can check if you got them all correct.
Sudoku is probably the most popular of all math puzzles, and one of the preferred of all puzzles.

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New Low Content Books in September

The new Low Content Books I published in September 220 were mostly puzzle books.I did also publish some books of games and a 2 year planner. There are more planners, journals and note books available that I published previously.