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Jigsaw Puzzles; Added In November

Jigsaw Puzzles; I’ve published some more of them in November, as well as Playing Cards.
As ever the designs on both products are landscape photographs, all taken in Ireland.
This month I’ve add ten new photographs to my Zazzle Shop; ScenicJigsaws.

New designs available on items on sale in the Zazzle shop

Zazzle Shop New Designs

I added some new jigsaw puzzles and playing cards to the ScenicJigsaws Zazzle shop in early October. At this stage the number of images available in the Zazzle shop is beginning to grow.The aim is to grow it so there is plenty of variety on offer.

Photo at top

Scenic Jigsaw Puzzles of Galway

I publish scenic jigsaw puzzles using some of my photos. They’re not the only photos I take but I think they make the best jigsaw puzzles. Here’s a little information about some of the photographed I’ve used for them.