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Treat Yourself To A Newly Published Gift

Treat yourself to a Jigsaw Puzzle or a deck of Playing Cards from those newly published this month.
In this horrible time when we’re all struggling, treat yourself to a gift that will help kill time.
Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle and you have the option of keeping it intact as a picture.
Alternatively you can break it up and start all over again, and have twice the fun with it.
Get a deck of Playing Cards and see how many new card games you can learn.
There are so many, some to play with other people, and many you can play alone.

photographic products: post featured image

Photographic Products, Newly Published In January

Photographic products, this month I’ve published some more jigsaw puzzles and playing cards featuring photographs.
As ever, each photograph is used on both, as the puzzle in the jigsaw puzzle and on the reverse of the playing cards.
I try to add some new jigsaw puzzles and playing cards every month to build up a good selection.