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There’s A Lot Of E- Books Included This Month

I’ve added something new this month, a new line of e-books, published on a different platform; Payhip.
On KDP I publish mainly Low Content Books, I’m publishing mainly marketing books on Payhip.
I will expand the scope of these e-books but as of now they are mostly about marketing and making money.
This has meant that I’ve far more books this last month than I normally do.

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We Do Paperback, Hardcover And E-Books Now

Up to now, I’ve only published Paperback Books on Amazon, but this month I’ve added some other forms.
I’ve re-published some of the Paperbacks that I’ve published previously, this time as Hardcovers.
As well as that I’ve taken a chance with a few eBooks also, which are entirely different.
The Paperback and Hardcover books are both Low Content but the eBooks are Full Content.