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Sudoku books, this is a little post about, and an introduction, to some of ours. We have a growing number and will be adding more regularly.

There are some links on this page and if you click on any of them and make a purchase, I will get a payment.

Sudoku puzzle book cover
Sudoku puzzle book cover

They’re good for the mind

You can take it for granted that puzzles are fun and entertaining. They are also useful for maintaining an active and functioning mind.

One thing that can probably result in a diminishing intellect, is allowing the brain to become rather inactive. It works along the lines of “use it or loose it”.

While there are many types of puzzle, sudoku is definitely one of the most popular at the moment. It’s a math puzzle where the player has to follow certain rules to fit numbers into a grid.

Another Sudoku book cover
Another Sudoku book cover

Some Sudoku Books

We have several sudoku published. They are generally just books full of sudoku puzzles and the solutions to them at the rear. 

Some of the puzzles are classed as easy, some medium and some hard.  In some of the books there are only puzzles of one difficulty, while others are mixed.

This is a sudoku book cover with a photograph
This is a sudoku book cover with a photograph

Photos on the cover

We have a different approach to the book covers than some other publishers, in that we often use photographs. There are a few reasons for this. 

First to make the covers different to most others, allowing them to stand out and be noticed. It may or may not help.

The second is that we have a lot of photos and it’s very easy to use them in this way.  

This book has a plain cover
This book has a plain cover

The other covers

Sometimes we use plain or patterned covers with the name simply written on them. These might stand out from the bulk of books just as easily. 

If you like solving puzzles, have a look at the books we’ve published. Perhaps you’ve never tried solving sudoku puzzles, and you might like to. Try one of our easy puzzle books like, “SUDOKU is good for you” to start with. You’ll love it.

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