Some Great Gift Ideas For Deserving Kids And Others

Personalised gifts for kids; Featured image

The gift ideas I’m presenting here are dinosaur themed and as such will appeal to children most of all.

While these might not be ideal gifts for everyone, some of them are ideal personalised gifts for kids. 

No one on Earth has ever seen a real dinosaur yet they’re a subject that fascinates many people.

While these might not be popular gifts for girls, many of them would be much appreciated gifts for 10 year old boys.

There’s no need to think about other people when you look at these items, you can buy them for yourself also.

However, they will make perfect Birthday or Christmas gift ideas, especially as I said for kids.

With a few exceptions these are useful items and not toys.

Their appeal to kids is in the pictures of dinosaurs that feature on all of them. 

So let me show you just some of the items that are available to purchase here.

Personalised gifts for kids; T-Shirt

There are several T-Shirt variations

There are several T-Shirt variations available in this shop, all featuring the same artwork.

They are available in several other colours as well as the black shown here.

When you click on the photo of the T-Shirt on the shop page you will see the options at the bottom right of the main image.

Choose the colour you want for your T-Shirt and you will get that colour.

You cannot change the colour of the image, that will remain as it has been supplies to the shop.

As you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see all the other designs available on T-Shirts.

T-Shirts are always a good gift idea as long as the recipient like the design.

See T-Shirt

Personalised gifts for kids; Duvet cover

A new Duvet Cover

This doesn’t seem like a great ideas as gifts for kids go, but with the right image, it can be.

Dinosaurs enthral and fascinate most children in a way that animals don’t.

Yes, I know kids generally like animals, but the can always see those.

With dinosaurs all they can ever see is what someones imagination dreams up.

The skeletons exist but beyond that it’s conjecture, as to their colouring for instance. 

We use animals as reference, and it’s probably fairly accurate, but I don’t think we really know. 

Then science is so advanced that perhaps they are known, and I just don’t know that.

These duvet covers needn’t be just for kids, anyone that fancies one can have it.

See Duvet Cover

Personalised gifts for kids; Throw pillow

Is a Throw Pillow useful or just decorative?

A Throw Pillow is often more of a decoration than a useful item.

It can be used by placing it behind your back while sitting down as a support. 

When sitting on a hard seat it can be placed under you for some extra comfort.

Whether you want this product for decorative reasons or as a form of comfort, it’s suitable for both.

Once again with this theme its more likely to be better regarded by children.

See Throw Pillow  

Personalised gifts for kids; Bath mat

Step onto a colourful Bath Mat

A Bath Mat is placed on the floor and stepped onto when you’re finished having a bath.

It can be used in exactly the same way if someone has a shower rather than a bath.

If a child has a Bath Mat they like to step onto may make a bath or shower more desirable.

What could be better to step on than a colourful dinosaur. 

See Bath Mat

Personalised gifts for kids; Comforter

A Comforter for your bed

Living in Ireland this item is known as a quilt, a continental quilt or eiderdown.

I have no idea how one item has acquired as many different names.

Whatever it’s called, it certainly does look good on a bed.

Comforters are used more commonly in winter when weather is colder and more bedding is required.

See Comforter

Personalised gifts for kids; Coasters

Set of 4 Coasters

It always seems to me that coasters are mostly used by fussy people.

They do have a definite use, but some of us can live without them.

However if children are taught to use them when young, they might continue to do so.

The secret to this strategy could be getting them coasters that they might like.

Ones with images of dinosaurs on them could coax most children to use them

Just don’t tell the kids that dinosaurs never used coasters.

See Coasters

Personalised gifts for kids; Cellphone Cases

There are many nice Cellphone Cases

There are very few people who don’t have a Cell Phone, or Mobile Phone now.

There’s no need to get a Case for a Cell Phone, but most people do.

The first reason for getting one is to protect the phone from damage through constant use.

Another reason is just simply because some Cellphone Cases look better than the phone without one.

One thing to be aware of is that there are different cases for different phones. 

Not only are they for different makes of phone but also for different models of phone. 

Make sure you get a case that’s specifically made for your phone.

Once you’re sure it’s the correct one, then look at the design and choose one you like.

If you like dinosaurs, then this might be the correct design for you, or someone you know. 

See Cellphone Case

Personalised gifts for kids; Clock

A Clock still looks good on a wall

Clocks were much more important in the past than they are now.

We used to be almost totally dependent on clocks and watches to know what time it was.

Nowadays, most of us are within reach of a smartphone or a computer of some sort which almost always have the time displayed.

While they’re not vital anymore, a clock on the wall still looks nice, and they still tell the time.

It can’t be harmful to children to learn to tell the time on an old fashioned clock as well as a digital display.

See Clock

Art board print

Art Board Print an interesting form of decoration

These are decorative prints that can be hung on a wall or displayed on a table, shelf  etc.

The art printed can be a photograph, painting or other form of graphic.

They come in three sizes and are very reasonably priced.

These prints allow one to brighten up and decorate a space very reasonably.

They work in similar way to posters but are more durable.

See Art Board Print


A Pin is a simple personalised gift for kids

Pins are badges with a fastener at the back which can be worn on clothes.

They’re not an item that would be of interest to adults, but kids do like them.

Among the cheapest items available on Print on Demand sites, they won’t break the bank.

This is one of the most affordable personalised gifts for kids

See Pin

Kids face mask

Kids Face Mask are still relevant

We don’t know yet when the wearing of face masks will come to a definite end.

The Covid19 virus that caused the world to begin wearing them came about very suddenly.

Hopefully such a thing will never happen again, but we don’t know it won’t.

Perhaps it will be a good idea to keep one or two on hand just in case.

It will be easier to kids to wear one that appeals to them.

See Kids Face Mask

Zipper Pouch

A Zipper Pouch has different uses

The zipper pouch comes in different sizes and can be put to different uses.

They‘re commonly used to store some forms of cosmetics.

Also they come in handy for storing pens, pencils and other such items used by school goers.

I have not doubt that there are many other possible uses for such handy pouches. 

See Zipper Pouch

Spiral notebook

A Spiral Notebook is very useful

Notebooks are very useful items and while Spiral Notebooks may not look the nicest they are probably the most useful.

You can get better access to the whole page than you can with some other types.

Also, you can tear out a page without damaging any other page of the notebook.

See Spiral Notebook

Baseball cap

A Baseball Cap is so popular

Baseball caps are a very popular type of casual headwear, they are very light and comfortable.

With the name it has it obviously comes from the US but it’s popular throughout the world.

I have no doubt that people who know little about baseball love their baseball cap.

See Baseball Cap


Posters are great personalised gifts for kids

This is one that can definitely be counted among fun gifts for kids.

Most adults don’t particularly like decorating their walls with posters of dinosaurs, but many children do. 

See Poster



Stickers are simple, they’re made from plastic and the stick to things.

They can stick to  a whole lot of different things and surfaces.

That’s fine if the kids decide to stick them to something their guardian is OK with.

If not…

This is just some of the personalised gifts for kids available with these and other designs.

See Sticker