Scenic Jigsaw Puzzles of Galway

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I publish scenic jigsaw puzzles using some of my photos. They’re not the only photos I take but I think they make the best jigsaw puzzles. 

Here’s a little information about some of the photographed I’ve used for them.

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Sunset over Galway Bay from Silver Strand
Sunset over Galway Bay from Silver Strand

Galway Bay from Silver Strand

Silver Strand is a beach just North of Galway City, Ireland, on the Northern shore of Galway Bay. This shows a sunset over Galway bay. 

It’s not one of the most spectacular of sunsets, but they can’t all be. Sometimes the sky is completely red.

Off course Galway Bay sunsets were immortalised when Bing Crosby sang about one many years ago.

I used this photo on one of my jigsaw puzzles.

View of Clifden
View of Clifden

A view of Clifden

Clifden is a town in a very scenic part of County Galway known as Connemara. It’s about 50 miles North of Galway City.

I shot this photo close to the town. It shows some mountains beyond the town itself.    

In 1919 Alcock and Browne were the first people to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. They landed a short distance outside Clifden.

It’s a popular tourist destination on the Wild Atlantic Way. That’s a drive along the entire West Coast of Ireland.

Rainbows in Connemara
Rainbows in Connemara

Rainbows in Connemara make great scenic jigsaw puzzles

Connemara is a mainly rural  area in the West of Ireland. It’s right in the middle of the country from North to South.

It’s a rugged area with plenty of mountains, lakes and rivers. Those features aren’t very big, but they make for great scenery.

Sometimes you can see spectacular rainbows there. For that reason it’s always worthwhile bringing a camera with you, as this photo shows.

Galway Cathedral
Galway Cathedral

Galway Cathedral jigsaw puzzles

Just to the South of Connemara is Galway City. One of its great features is the Cathedral.

Many Cathedrals are built on City Streets where they have other buildings beside them. Galway Cathedral stands all on its own, away from other buildings. This allows it grab all the visual attention from every side.

I shot this photograph from across the River Corrib, a dramatic vantage point

The Cathedral was built on a site which previously housed Galway Gaol. The disused Gaol stood as an eyesore here for some time. The replacement is an impressive improvement.

I used this photograph on another one of the scenic jigsaw puzzles.