Puzzle Games; Where You Can Find Them

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Puzzle games; there’s tons of them if you know where to find them, and I do.

You can have your pick of them, giving you fun and confusion, bafflement and delight, at the same time.

So that you know exactly what a one is, here is a puzzle definition;  

A puzzle is a problem, toy or game that’s worked out to test ingenuity or knowledge.

There’s a huge number of puzzle games with new ones being constantly created. 

Some are relatively easy, others very hard, with a lot of difficulty levels in between. 

In this post I’m going to show you some puzzles, grouped by difficulty form easy to ming boggling.

Some easy puzzle games

To start with I have some puzzle games that are regarded as easy, or easier than most at least.

They include these; Mysterious Mind Reader Cards 1 - 125, which can predict numbers between 1 - 125.

One person selects a number, not telling what it is, and turns over the cards that don’t contain that number.

A second person works out what the number is, as quick as they can.

Chakra - Secret Box, is an open the box type of puzzle, where you have to figure out how it’s done. 

The object of this is to open the Brass 12 Lever Padlock, trickier than one bought in a regular store.

It weighs over a kilogram, is made from solid metal, and is made to look old.

The puzzling thing about the Cast Loop, and the aim of the game is how to take it apart.

These puzzles are tricky

Moving up a level of difficulty the puzzle games “m looking at here are regarded as tricky. 

This sis another box opening puzzle called 4 Sun 11 Step, and it should be more difficult than the previous one.

There are eleven steps that have to be discovered, and completed, to open this particular box.

Bird Cage Puzzle; You have to get the star inside the cage out, and yes you can. 

This is another very popular type of puzzle game, with many versions available.

Now this is slightly different, In The Garden, is a tessellation puzzle with 77 pieces.

You fit the pieces together to make patterns, and is limited only by you imagination, apparently.

There are six different shapes, all based on flora and fauna easily found in the garden.

This one is interesting, Puzzle Booklet - Cross To Triangle, where the contents are made of laser cut wood.

There’s two shapes cut out in the booklet, and they have to be filled with the shaped wooden bits.

One shape is a triangle and the other is a cross, which is indicated by the name.

A few more challenging puzzles to try

The next lot of puzzle games, pictured above, are classed as challenging puzzles.

Assembly Cube is the first  puzzle, and the idea is to take it apart and then reassemble it.

There are only four pieces, and there is only one way that they fit, and you have to find it. 

ARToy Moving Model Kit - Panda is something more than a puzzle, as on completion, it can be made to move.

It has levers and cranks that can be pulled and turned bringing the puzzle to life.

Doomsday Day Of The Week Calculator, this shows the day of the week for any date between 1901 and 2099.

This is not only a puzzle but a useful tool if you need such information as it can provide.

The instruction of how it works are printed on the back, so you can’t loose them alone.

Lastly in the challenging section is a Star Wars 3D Rubik’s Cube - BB8, another reassembly puzzle.

If you’re a Star Wars fan you will find this an interesting puzzle, and something to mind as well.

Slightly more demanding puzzle games

I’m moving on to show you some more demanding puzzle games, these will tax you a bit more.

First there’s an attractive looking maze called Blumenlaby 8, but it encloses a bit of a challenge.

The object of the game is to move a ball through the maze, which is partly transparent.

Dentelle is somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle as it involved fitting shaped pieces together into a frame.

The frame and pieces are all made of wood and looks attractive and a little old fashioned.

Fort Fearless is a maths puzzle which requires solving nine different maths or logic puzzles.

There’s a plot provided outlining the nine puzzles and how to go about solving them.

Triple 3 is another puzzle game where you have to fit four pieces into a frame.

When assembled these puzzles always look like they must be straight forward and easy, but they rarely are. 

These puzzles are all gruelling

The difficulty level of these puzzles rises another notch, and these one are regarded as gruelling.

Atom 50 is a wooden puzzle that has to be assembled, and can then be taken apart and reassembled.

That sounds like working for nothing, but you can assemble to get different colour patterns.

Padlocks are generally used for a definite purpose, to lock things away, but they can be puzzles as well.

The Danlock Puzzle is just that, and as padlock puzzles go, this is one of the most intriguing of them.

This is a difficult lock to open where you have to solve more than one puzzle to do so.

When you try to close it again, it’s just as difficult, so you’ll have twice the fun.

N5-7, is a systematic maze puzzle where you have to move a ball through it all.

The slots look like an N or a 5, and there are 7 rows of them, hence the name.

There’s a series of them with a different number of rows in each one, more rows meaning more difficult.

The ROKR Marble Parkour is a puzzle that when assembled turns into a very interesting toy.

There are 254 pieces including wheels, cogs, and gears, which you assemble into a small machine.

It lifts marbles to the top where they run down slides with a series of interesting twists and turns.

Mind boggling is as difficult as it gets

These puzzles are as intriguing as they get, ones that will really tax your ability to solve puzzles.

The first one her is Chinese Lanterns II, where you have to separate two sections of the puzzle.

These are innocent looking puzzles, but don’t be fooled, they can cause prolonged frustration.

However, as with all puzzle games, there is a way of solving them, just requiring perseverance, persistence and stubbornness.

Enigma IV Encryption Machine is a puzzle where you have to solve 11 cryptic messages. 

The machine can also be used to encrypt highly secret messages of your own.

These can then be sent to anyone else who has this machine, who can sent similar  messages back. 

Steuerrad is a lovely looking but very demanding puzzle, designed to keep you busy for some time.

The goal of this one is to get the wheel in the middle to move around freely.

It’s only when you pronounce Xcruci8 that you begin to see what you’re up against.

Then why would it be classed as mind boggling if it was easy, which off course it isn’t.

There are only eight pieces of wood that have to be fitted together in a precise way.

I hope you find something here that you like and if you don’t check here for hundreds more.