Puzzle Games, Books With Several Types

Puzzle Games; photo for the top of this article

Puzzle games, both word puzzles and the number variety are very popular and loved by many people.

While some people are happy to play them online, others prefer to play them in hand, with a pen.

In book form, either in a book full of one type of puzzle, or a book with different puzzle types.

Sudoku seems to be one of the most popular puzzle types at present, and I’ve published several Sudoku puzzle books.

There are a host of other puzzle games which people also enjoy, and I publish some of them also. 

Apart from Sudoku the only other riddles I’ve published in a book of their own is Kakuro.

All the other puzzles I’ve published have been in books with two or more brain teasers included.

In this article I’m focusing in the books with multiple puzzles that I’ve published to date. 

I will continue to publish more books like that, and you can learn about them here. 

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Puzzle Games;cover of the book Love Number Puzzles
Puzzle Games;cover of the book Love Number Puzzles

Love Number Puzzles

The most recent book I published with more than one puzzle type was Love Number Puzzle.

It has two puzzle types, 100 Sudoku puzzles and another 100 Number Search puzzles, both good riddles.

Number Search puzzles are very like Word Search puzzles, but with a grid of numbers rather than letters.

They’re harder than Word Search for two good and obvious reasons.

First there are only ten numbers 0 to 9 while there are a much bigger twenty six letters.

That makes it much harder to spot the sequences, with the numbers being repeated more often.

The second is that words are recognisable, while strings of numbers are just random, and therefore more obscure.

These are good puzzles for adults, well capable of keeping the sharpest minds engrossed for many hours.

See Love Number Puzzles

Puzzle Games; Puzzle Frenzy book cover
Puzzle Games; Puzzle Frenzy book cover

PUZZLE FRENZY a puzzle games book

This book, PUZZLE FRENZY, has the same number of puzzles, 200, but has four types of puzzle.

There are eighty each of Number Search and Sudoku, and twenty each of Word Search and Word Scramble.

Word Scramble are individual words with the letters rearranged, with each puzzle having words related to a specific category.

These puzzles can be viewed as riddles for kids, or adults, what is needed is persistence to work them out.

It’s easy to throw in the towel and walk away, but so rewarding to stick with them, and conquer them.

Puzzles tend to have logical solutions, and you need to work out the logic underlining each kind of puzzle.


Puzzle Games; Sudoku and Cryptogram Blend
Puzzle Games; Sudoku and Cryptogram Blend

Sudoku and Cryptogram Blend

I don’t publish as many types of word puzzles as I as I do number puzzles.

The software that generates the puzzles for me shoots out numeric puzzles automatically.

Word puzzles need to be fed words, clues etc., which takes time, as does everything else.

It’s hard to get the time needed to build up an arsenal of words to generate word puzzles.

There is one in this book though, Cryptograms, 100 of them, as well as the same number of Sudoku puzzles.

It does mean that for a book with such little variety of puzzles, those present are very different.

The answers of the Cryptograms are right there, in front of your eyes, you just have to find them. 

Sudoku needs a bit more solving, but you still know the numbers that have to be housed, but where?

See Sudoku and Cryptogram Blend 

This shows another puzzle book cover
This shows another puzzle book cover

14 PUZZLE TYPES 224puzzles

In this book there is a huge variety, a full fourteen different types of puzzle games.

Each of the puzzle types features has sixteen games, making a total of two hundred and twenty four games.

They are; Akari, Domino, Fillomino, Futoshiki, Gokigen, Kakuro, Kendoku, Minesweeper, Roundabouts, Sikaku, Slitherlink, Sudoku, Titami and Tents.

This is great book if you want to try out new and different types of puzzle.

There aren’t any new puzzles in the selection, you just don’t as many together very often.

It’s possible that there will be a few of these puzzle games that you don’t like very much, hopefully not.

However there will probably be some new to you that you will want to try again.

See 14 PUZZLE TYPES 224 puzzles

This image shows the cover of the book PUZZLE SURPRISE
This image shows the cover of the book PUZZLE SURPRISE

PUZZLE SURPRISE another puzzle games book

Unlike a lot of these books, this one contains some word puzzle games, actually two types of word puzzles.

There’s twenty Word Search puzzles, and another twenty Word Scramble puzzles.

As well as those there’s eighty Number Search and eighty Sudoku puzzles, making two hundred altogether.

Once again this is a book with some variety giving you the option to move back and forth between puzzles.


Book of TRICKY MATHS PUZZLES with answers
Book of TRICKY MATHS PUZZLES with answers

book of TRICKY MATHS PUZZLES with answers

Like the title says, this is just a book of tricky riddles with answers, 200 of them altogether.

There’s 100 Number Search puzzles and a similar amount of Sudoku puzzles.

I have software that churns out these two puzzles, up to two hundred in seconds.

Most of the other puzzles I publish can take several days or weeks to get to publishing stage.

For that reason I publish these more often because I don’t like huge gaps between books. 

See book of TRICKY MATHS PUZZLES with answers

Cover of the first multiple puzzle book I published
Cover of the first multiple puzzle book I published


This is the first mixed puzzle book that I published, and it’s filled out with some pen and paper games.

It’s got thirty two each of seven different puzzles; Akari, Fillomino, Kakuro, Gokigen, Sikaku, Slitherlink and Sudoku, that’s 224.

As well as that there’s 180 each of Tic Tac Toe and Dots and Boxes games.

There’s plenty interesting and challenging puzzles and games there to entertain a person for some time.

However it was my first effort, and it could have been assembled a little better.

I have included rules for all the puzzles and games, but they were an afterthought.

They’re at the end of the book rather than the beginning where they should be.

If you can overcome that, it’s probably quite a good puzzle book, with a lot of variety.