Playing Cards And Jigsaw Puzzles For December

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Playing Cards and Jigsaw Puzzles; these are the ones which I added to my shop in December. 

The photos are the seen on the back of the Playing Cards and are the subjects of the Jigsaw Puzzles.

Most of the photos are of rural scenes with a couple taken in Galway City.

Photographs are often used on Jigsaw Puzzles but are rarely seen on Playing Cards.

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Playing cards and jigsaw puzzles; photo of Galway Docks
A view of Galway Docks

Busy Docks

This shows a view of some boats, mostly yachts, tied up in Galway Docks.

In this photo it looks like the entire docks is cluttered with these boats, which is not the reality.

Actually this is just one section of the docks, while most if free for cargo ships, which are constantly here. 

In 2009 a major ocean yacht race visited here, and before that the area didn’t look very well.

There was a great effort made to brighten up and smarten the area, and it’s been kept that way since.

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Playing cards and jigsaw puzzles; view from Mill Street, Galway.
The St. Clare River beside Mill Street, Galway

River at Mill Street

It’s only a short distance from where the River Corrib enters Galway City, and leaves it to enter Galway Bay.

However there’s several smaller rivers that flow in and out of it as it flows through the city.

The one in this photograph is the St. Clare River which rejoins the Corrib very close to this point.  

It travels mostly behind buildings and away from public view, except at this point, where it flows beside a road.

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Playing cards and jigsaw puzzles; An entrance with a rusty gate
A rusty gate at an entrance to a building

Rusty Gate Entrance

This is a simple photograph of an entrance to a property with a rusty old gate in a n open position.

It caught my eye while passing by, basically the colours which work well together.

The path in beside the gate is another shade of a similar colour, making it mainly a two colour photo.

If the gate was a different colour it probably wouldn’t make anything as interesting a photograph.

It should make a good jigsaw puzzle subject, few colours, but no expansive area of a flat colour.

See this design photograph.

View of Nephin Mountain in Co. Mayo
Nephin Mountain, Co. Mayo

Mid Mayo Landscape

Mayo is one of the most scenic counties in the whole island of Ireland, with the Western part particularly picturesque.

The mountain in this photo is Nephin, which is in the centre of the county.

It’s a foretaste of what awaits if you continue in a Westerly direction.

That is more mountains, which extend along most of the Western part of the county.

Have a look at this photograph.

View of the Inagh Valley, Connemara, Galway
Inagh Valley, Connemara, Galway

Inagh Valley

There are many lakes in County Galway, with most of them being small.

One, Lough Corrib is the biggest lake in the Republic of Ireland, and the second biggest on the island.

Lough Inagh, though much smaller than Lough Corrib, is the second biggest lake in the county.

It lies in the Inagh Valley between two mountain ranges, the Twelve Bens, West, and the Maumturk Mountains, East.

The Inagh Valley is central to the most spectacular scenery that make Connemara one of the most scenic parts of Ireland.

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Furbo, Connemara, Galway
Furbo, Connemara, Galway


Furbo lies right on the shore of Galway Bay a few miles North of Galway City.

It’s a rural area with a nice beach beside the main coastal route North from and South into Galway.

This is also in Connemara, the Western portion of County Galway, one of the most scenic part of Ireland.

You have to go farther North along the coast before the best of the landscape starts.

Around Furbo it’s the beaches and the bay that’s the main attraction.

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View of Ballindooley, Galway
Ballindooley, Galway


Ballindooley is also North of Galway City, but on the Eastern side of Lough Corrib.

As of now this is a rural area but it’s only about two miles from the suburbs of Galway.

The castle in the photograph was restored in the 1980’s, but not as originally built.

The restoration was modern and as a result it looks rather odd, neither one thing or another.

It’s a pity because with care it could have become something special.

In the foreground is Ballindooley Lake, which is very small, but reputed to be quite deep.

Another photograph I used.

View of Spiddal, Connemara, Galway
Spiddal, Connemara, Galway

Beside The Sea

This is a view of Spiddal, which is a short distance North of Furbo, second photo above.

It’s a bigger village than Furbo, with two beaches, one in the photo, and the other South of here.

This photo is looking South but the other beach is beyond what’s on view here.

The building in the centre of the photo is a school, with some view from the classrooms.

You can see the start of a walkway which extends as far as the school.

The photograph being discussed.

Killary Fjord and Leenane, Connemara, Galway
Killary Fjord and Leenane, Connemara, Galway

Killary Reflection

Leenane lies at the inner end of the Killary Fjord, which is a rather spectacular landscape.

The Northern side of the fjord in in Co. Mayo and the Southern side is in Co. Galway.

This view was shot from the North showing the Galway village of Leenane.

The reflection is special showing some of the village and the mountains behind in great detail.

It’s on the Wild Atlantic Way, a coastal drive all along the West coast of Ireland.

Check this one as well.

A road into a wood in early Autumn
A wood in Autumn

Autumn Wood

The wood decked out in Autumn colours in this photograph is in South Co. Galway.

It was taken in early Autumn because the leaves are beginning to turn brown, and are still mostly intact.

This is an ordinary looking photo but a good subject for Playing Cards and Jigsaw Puzzles.

And here it is.

A house at the foot of a mountain, Connemara, Galway
A mountainside in Connemara, Galway

House Landscape

This house is at the foot of a mountain in Connemara in a central part of the region.

The white fluffy dots on the mountainside are sheep, different fro those inmost parts of Ireland.

Mountain sheep are a little smaller than common farm sheep, and continually climb up and down mountains.

You can encounter them on the roadside or see them high up on the slopes.

They don’t seem to be penned into a farm, rather they’re identified by painted markings.

I don’t know how far they roam but they seem to have free rein to wander at will.

If you drive through Connemara you’re almost guaranteed to encounter them at close quarters. 

Look at this photo as well.

A waterscape in West Connemara, Galway
View of the sea in West Connemara, Galway

Connemara Waterscape the last Playing Cards and Jigsaw Puzzle design

The entire West Coast of Ireland is rugged, with bays, peninsulas and other geographical marvels.

This part of Connemara appears to have an ongoing war between the land and sea.

It doesn’t look like there’s a winner about to emerge at any time soon.

Without the aid of a map you would think this area of water has to be a lake.

With a  map however, one can see it’s a meandering bay miles from the main sea. 

And you can see it here.