Photographic Products, Newly Published In January

photographic products: post featured image

Photographic products, this month I’ve published some more jigsaw puzzles and playing cards featuring photographs.

As ever, each photograph is used on both, as the puzzle in the jigsaw puzzle and on the reverse of the playing cards.

I try to add some new jigsaw puzzles and playing cards every month to build up a good selection.

As well as the goods in this shop I have more photographic products available here.

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photographic products: view of Achill Island

On Achill Island

Achill Island is located just off Co. Mayo on the West Coast of Ireland, and accessed by a bridge.

It’s a very scenic part of the country with not only views of the island, but of the mainland also.

Being constantly bashed by The Atlantic Ocean, the West Coast has some rugged and spectacular scenery.

On Achill Island Jigsaw Puzzle

On Achill Island Playing Cards

photographic products: Pier at Spiddal, Connemara, Galway

Pier at Spiddal

Spiddal is a coastal village about twelve miles north of Galway City, in West Connemara.

There’s a walkway along the sea front from this pier to a harbour , and a beach beyond that.

While it’s a small village, it’s got a long exposure to the sea for its size. 

Pier at Spiddal Jigsaw Puzzle

Pier at Spiddal Playing Cards

photographic products: A ewe and her lamb

Ewe and Lamb

This is a simple photograph of a ewe with her lamb, standing in a field.

They’re both looking into the distance, and seem to be very curious about whatever is there. 

I like using animal photographs like these on photographic products like these.

Ewe and Lamb Jigsaw Puzzle

Ewe and Lamb Playing Cards

photographic products: A tour boat passing Menlo on the River Corrib

At Menlo

Menlo is a rural village about three miles from Galway City on the eastern shore of The River Corrib.

In this photo there is a sightseeing boat passing, which operates from Galway City, touring Lough Corrib.

This photo was taken in the evening and the boat is returning to the city, after a trip.

These pleasure trips were available right throughout the summer months, but probably not for most of last year.

I expect they will be back, and popular again as soon as it’s possible.

At Menlo Jigsaw Puzzle

At Menlo Playing Cards

photographic products: Leenane, Connemara, Galway.

Looking at Leenane

Leenane is at the north eastern part of Connemara, just a few miles from Co. Mayo.

There’s a narrow fjord, Killary, which separates the counties and extends a little beyond this point.

Connemara is one of Ireland’s most scenic parts, and the scenery continues into south west Co. Mayo.

The western parts of both counties are part of the spectacular Wild Atlantic Way.

Looking at Leenane Jigsaw Puzzle

Looking at Leenane Playing Cards

Ruins of Kilmacduagh Monastery


Kilmacduagh is the ruins of an old monastery close the the south Galway town of Gort.

The site includes a round tower, as well as the walls of the rest of the monastery.

While not as dramatic, or well known as The Tower at Pisa, this tower leans a little also.

This is one of very many religious ruins spread out all over Ireland.

Kilmacduagh Jigsaw Puzzle

Kilmacduagh Playing Cards

Lough Derg at Terryglass, Co. Tipperary

Lough Derg

Lough Derg is one of the lakes that lie along the course oh The River Shannon. 

The lake is bordered on the west by counties Galway and Clare, and by Tipperary on the east.

This photograph was taken in Terryglass, Co. Tipperary, looking south along the eastern shore.

Lough Derg Jigsaw Puzzle

Lough Derg Playing Cards

Lough Inagh, Connemara

Lough Inagh

While looking like a puddle in comparison to Lough Corrib, Lough Inagh is the second biggest lake in Co. Galway.

It’s situated in Connemara, and beats Lough Corrib easily for the quality of it’s surrounding scenery.

The road in this photograph runs beside the entire length of the lake, with mountains on the other side.

Lough Inagh Jigsaw Puzzle

Lough Inagh Playing Cards

Galway City and Galway Bay

Galway City and Bay

Like most cities Galway has some vantage points that allow views across large parts of it.

This photo was taken from Circular Road and looks across the city to Galway Bay and beyond.

What is beyond is the coast south from Galway City, leading to south Galway and Co. Clare.

Galway City and Bay Jigsaw Puzzle

Galway City and Bay Playing Cards


Enjoying Snow

Snow is not very common in the West of Ireland anymore, only falling like this once or twice a decade.

Four or five decades ago you would expect at least this much every year.

Whether expected or not, this group of people seem to have been prepared to make the best of it.

This was early March 2018, and I can’t remember seeing a single snowflake since.

Enjoying Snow Jigsaw Puzzle

Enjoying Snow Playing Cards

Cork City

Cork City Reflection

This photograph was taken close to the centre of Cork City, showing the River Lee.

A bridge and the surrounding buildings are reflected in the water.

I like Cork and expected to visit it several times last year, but…you know! 

With the ever increasing availability of Civid vaccines, we might be able to resume life soon. 

Cork City Reflection Jigsaw Puzzle

Cork City Reflection Playing Cards

River in Tipperary

Hidden Waterway

I took this photo in a North Tipperary town, probably Borrisokane, but I can’t remember for sure.

At the time I noted it in software which I used for storing information like that.

However, after updating the computer OS, that software was wiped out, because it was a few years old.

I think we’re being short changed by computer manufacturers who don’t support older documents.

They decide that any work that’s more than a certain age should be disregarded. 

Sometimes I wonder if Shakespeare, Dickens or Joyce had used computers, what classic work would have been lost. 

Actually, I suppose many worthwhile projects have been lost due to lack of backwards compatible software. 

The photo shows a river in front of a house which appears to end at a wall.

I expect it goes underground there, either naturally or with some intervention.

Hidden Waterway Jigsaw Puzzle

Hidden Waterway Playing Cards