October Books; New Publications This Month

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October books; I’ve published some more new books, mostly puzzle, this month also.

There are a few journals and notebooks included, some capable of catering to many different note taking needs.

In this blog post you can read a quick summary of what each book is all about.

There’s a link for each book to let you have a look inside some of it.

Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. That means I will get a small payment if you buy something after clicking one.

October Books; First book
October Books; First book

Sudoku and Cryptogram Blend 

This book contains both Sudoku and Cryptogram puzzles, both very popular with puzzle aficionados.

There’s 100 each of these, so very different puzzles, that should keep you busy for a long time.

And as always the answers are included, so you can check that the generator got the same answer as you.

October Books; Second book
October Books; Second book

PUZZLE FRENZY, one of my October books

There’s four different puzzles in this book; Number Search, Sudoku, Word Scramble and Word Search

There’s 80 each of the Math Puzzles, Number Search and Sudoku, and 20 each of Word Scramble and Word Search.

You could have just as many puzzles in a book containing 200 of one single type.

However there’s some variety in this book, giving an opportunity of having even more fun with it.

October Books; The third book published in October
October Books; The third book published in October


I publish mostly puzzle books but I do have some others, mostly journals or notebooks. 

This one is for collectors of movie memorabilia, where they can log the progress of their collection.

There are 120 pages with a unique design, to keep a complete history of every item of memorabilia acquired.

This book was also published in October
This book was also published in October

A Simple Notebook, another of my October books

Everyone has need for a notebook from time to time, particularly a flexible but simple one.

This one is just perfect for that with 100 simply lined pages, suitable for almost any need.

I’ve given it a pictorial cover which I hope will make more attractive than a plain, generic type cover. 

This is a Number puzzle book
This is a Number puzzle book

Love Number Puzzles

Number puzzles never loose their popularity and there’s 200 of them in this book, with the answers at the end.

A maths puzzle books doesn’t seem complete without Sudoku, it’s here, along with an equal amount of Number Search puzzles.

You get a great chance to give your brain a good workout when you tackle and complete this puzzle fest.

This is a good Diary book
This is a good Diary book


This book is a diary, with a lined page for every day of the year, actually enough for 53 weeks.

Each seven pages has a day displayed at the top of a page, starting with a Monday.

The book, or pages are not dated, so you can start your diary on any day of any year.

A Sudoku puzzle book
A Sudoku puzzle book


I don’t believe there can be too many puzzles in a book full of only Sudoku puzzles.

With 300 this book may not have too many, but I hope you don’t think it has too few.

There is an equal number of Easy, Medium and Hard puzzles included, which can be tackled as 


Sudoku books are always popular
Sudoku books are always popular

For those who like SUDOKU

This is a book of 200 easy Sudoku puzzles, suitable for people who are trying Sudoku for the first time.

Don’t worry, they might be easier than some other Sudoku puzzles, but they’re still formidable mind games.

Some people love the Akari puzzles in this book
Some people love the Akari puzzles in this book

AKARI…it’s just AKARI

This is the first book I published comprised completely of Akari puzzles, 100 of them.

Akari is not as well known, or as challenging as Sudoku, but it’s still a popular puzzle.

The book comes with instructions on how to play the game, and answers as well.

You can't have too many Sudoku books
You can’t have too many Sudoku books

it’s not just another puzzle it’s…SUDOKU

This book is full of medium Sudoku puzzles, for people who are experienced but aren’t ready for a hard book. 

There’s 200 puzzles, enough to keep a full blown Sudoku aficionado busy for a while.

It’s also suitable for someone who has mastered easy Sudoku and would like to up a notch.

This is a book of hard Sudoku puzzles
This is a book of hard Sudoku puzzles

TESTING SUDOKU 200 hard puzzles

Have published easy and medium Sudoku books recently then I had to bring on some hard ones as well.

And if there were 200 in each of those books, it just had to be the same in this one.

It is, the only difference being that the puzzles in this one are more demanding.

So there you have a little information of all my October books.

If there’s any of these books you’d like a closer look at clicking the links will let you do so.

You will be able to see the first 5 or 6 pages giving you a good idea of what’s inside.