New Low Content Books Published In November

New Low Content Books; featured image

New Low Content Books; I publish them right through the year and November was the same.

Once again I published mostly puzzle books with a few other ones among them.

The number of new low content books added to my list in November is 10.

When books are submitted for publication they have to be approved, and this takes time.

This month I submitted 2 more which have not been approved and added yet.

They should be published in the next few days and should appear in my new low content books for December.

Below is the list of the new books for November which are on sale now.

You can read about the books added in September and October also.

New Low Content Books; 200 Number Search Puzzles


Of all the books I’ve published to date this one is the fastest to have sold.

I do think that Number Search is a much tougher puzzle than the similar looking Word Search.

There are 26 letters in the alphabet to populate the grid but only 10 numbers 0 – 9.

Add the fact that a Word Search has actual words while Number Search has random strings of numbers. 

This adds up to a tougher and more frustrating puzzle, but a better test of one’s wits.


New Low Content Books; I gotta get SUDOKU!

I gotta get SUDOKU!

Sudoku is the ever popular puzzle, and one that the world can’t get too much of.

It’s also the easiest to compile a book of and publish as new low content books.

There aren’t many other puzzles that can stretch the mind in the way Sudoku can though. 

see I gotta get SUDOKU!

New Low Content Books; Password Treasure


Anyone who spends time on the internet can’t help but subscribe to and join different website offers.

This requires setting passwords for each of them, and generally they have to be different and complex.

Generally they have to have upper and lower case letters, numbers and other symbols found on the keyboard.

It’s almost impossible to remember them, so it’s necessary to write them and store them somewhere.


I know my Passwords


This book, and the one above are both books designed for that purpose.

The difference between then is the design of the interior pages, where you log and store your password information.

When you go to Amazon to check these books, click on the look inside option to compare them.

Choose the one you prefer, because they’re quite different, and you will have a preferance.


Sikaku I said!

SIKAKU I said!

Sikaku or Shikaku is another great puzzle, and this book will keep you busy for some time.

This is the first time I’ve included a Sikaku book in the new low content books I publish.

It isn’t as well known as some of the other puzzles, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not great fun.

Yes it is, and is well worth checking out.  

See SIKAKU I said!

4 Puzzle Type Book


This is a puzzle book that contains four different types of puzzle, tow numeric and two math.

They are Number Search, Sudoku, Word Scramble and Word Search, 200 puzzles in all.

As with all the puzzle books I publish, the answers or solutions, are provided at the end.

It hardly needs saying anymore, but these books are great if you have to stay at home for any reason.


Mixed Sudoku

MIXED SUDOKU another new low content book

When you look at a Sudoku puzzle, it looks like it’s going to take a good deal of figuring out.

However some of them are harder than others, and my source classifies them as easy, medium and hard. 

This book has 120 puzzles, that 40 of each of the three degrees of difficulty.

If you’re new to Sudoku and you want to see how you cope with each type, start with this book.

When you decide on the difficulty that suits you best, you can buy a bigger book of that type.


and then there were Puzzles

and then there were PUZZLES

Math puzzles are easier to generate than word puzzles, and I’ve 200 of them in this book.

There’s 80 Number Search and another 120 Sudoku puzzles 20 each of easy, medium and hard puzzles.

This is a good all round math puzzle book, with some variety, but all are stimulating and demanding.

See and then there were PUZZLES

A fist full of puzzles

A fist full of PUZZLES

It would be easy to name all my books, Sudoku Puzzles, Number Search or similarly boring names.

I try to come up with different names so that they don’t look dull and boring.

This book has 5 different puzzle types, so I called it A fist full of PUZZLES.

The puzzles included are; Cryptograms, Number Search, Sudoku (medium), Word Scramble and Word Search.

See A fist full of PUZZLES's...Killer Sudoku!


Killer Sudoku is played on the same grid as regular Sudoku, with slightly different rules.

Normal Sudoku has some of the numbers filled in when you start, Killer Sudoku doesn’t have any.

There are hints in some of the cells on a Killer Sudoku play area to help you work out the solutions.

While ordinary Sudoku is a challenging puzzle, Killer Sudoku brings it all to another level.