Make Your Kids Happy With These Great Gifts

Dinosaur Poster; Featured image

Kids love posters on a wall, and they love dinosaurs and everything about them also.

Combine the two and you get dinosaur themed posters, which are almost guaranteed to delight children.

These are some posters featuring images of dinosaurs which I have created and made available to purchase.

They’re in the form of printable PDFs, which can be bought and then printed at home.

There’s a choice of sizes in which they can be printed, either A3 or A4.

Printable products are becoming more popular where what’s created and uploaded for sale is an electronic image.

These are generally saved in the form of PDFs, which are easily downloaded and printed.

They’re not very expensive but still gifts that will delight most children.

Dinosaur Poster; The first dinosaur poster

Dinosaur Poster 1

This is an image of a pair of dinosaurs with a flat coloured background.

Posters are a popular way for young people in particular to decorate a wall.

They generally don’t cost much in comparison to other forms of wall art.

For that reason they can be changed regularly with the old poster discarded without much sentiment.

It’s easy to replace them with other ones and keep the area fresh looking.

Check out; Dinosaur Poster 1

Dinosaur Poster; Another dinosaur poster

Dinosaur Poster 2

This is another image of dinosaurs, this time with three on the poster.

Again this picture which is on the colourful side could prove very attractive to younger kids.

When you buy this poster you will be able to print it more than once.

If you have more than one child, or if the poster gets damage, you can print other copies.

Check out; Dinosaur Poster 2

Dinosaur Poster; The third poster

Dinosaur Poster 3

The image on this poster seems to be rather dark but it can be printed lighter.

It’s easier to print an image lighter than darker if there’s a need to do so.

The small thumbnail image that appears on the sales page will probably be darker looking than it actually is.

If it does print too dark, you can print it again at a lighter setting.

Check out; Dinosaur Poster 3

Dinosaur Poster; Poster no. 4

Dinosaur Poster 4

This is another image that features three dinosaurs of the more compact build.

While many dinosaurs, including these ones, were very big, these ones weren’t nearly as tall as some others.

Check out; Dinosaur Poster 4

Strange dinosaurs poster

Strange Dinosaurs Poster

Unlike the posters discussed above there is some text on this one and all the others.

This simply says; Strange Dinosaurs, and I’m sure most of them were that.

Again this image is shown against a solid colour background. 

Check out; Strange Dinosaurs Poster

Very tall dinosaurs poster

Very Tall Dinosaur Poster

The long neck dinosaur were the tallest of all the dinosaurs.

If they were around now you could probably look out an upstairs window straight at their knee to thigh.

It would make going for a walk extremely nerve racking, just as well they’re gone.

Check out; Very Tall Dinosaur Poster

Hungry dinosaurs poster

Hungry Dinosaurs Poster

I expect every dinosaur was hungry most of the time but carnivores with big mouths look extra hungry.

It can’t have been very comfortable trying to keep out of range of these brutes.

There’s no such danger in looking at this poster though.

Check out; Hungry Dinosaurs Poster

Scary dinosaurs poster

Scary Dinosaurs Poster

The last of these posters is titled Scary Dinosaurs and they look like they definitely were that.

You can have a closer look at these posters by clicking the links beside where it says; Check out.

As you get a PDF file which you print out yourself, they cost less than most posters that are pre printed.

And it’s so easy to replace these posters if the need should arise.

Check out; Scary Dinosaurs Poster