Low Content Publishing; My Older Books

Low Content Publishing; Featured photograph

Low Content Publishing, I’ve done some more of it before I started this blog.

Just for the record I’m listing all my older titles here, to make this website complete.

You’d never know, you may find the book you’re looking for.

They’re not sophisticated but low content publishing books can be very useful and others can be enjoyable and fun.

So below is a little about the books I published before I started this blog.

Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. If you click one and make a purchase I will get a small payment. You will not pay any more than you would if you went directly to that site.

Low Content Publishing; First photo

A Number Search Book

Number Search books are very like Word Search, just with numbers instead of words.

If anything they’re slightly more challenging than Word Searches.

There are only 10 numbers where there are 26 letters, making it easier to hide sequences.

Puzzle books like this are among the most popular books in all low content publishing.


This book is like the one above, but with 200 puzzles, while the other has only 100.

I publish these books on Amazon KDP, a great place to self publish.

As well as low content publishing you can publish any kind of book or ebook.

If you keep reading you’ll see that I publish a variety of book types.

VINYL COLLECTOR; a low content publishing book

Collecting vinyl records has come back into vogue, decades after it seemed doomed.

This book lets you list the vinyl you have, and what more you would like to acquire.

There’s 120 pages in the book, and you allocate a page to each artiste you want to collect.

While this is aimed at vinyl collectors, it’s equally adequate if you prefer CDs.

Search For Number Sequences

This is another Number Search book, again with 200 puzzles and off course the answers as well.

If you like these puzzles, every book is different, as is other puzzle type books.

They may not look as appealing as Word Search puzzles, but they’re more of a challenge.


This book is intended for people who like to collect movie memorabilia.

It’s got 120 pages where you can record the movie, and the item of memorabilia you have or want.

There’s room for 24 entries on every page, that’s a lot of items.

Low Content Publishing; Second photo

do not try to live without SUDOKU

This is a book of hard sudoku puzzles, and a whole 200 of them at that.

Sudoku puzzles are classed as either easy, medium or hard, so this book has the sudoku hard ones.

It’s suitable for people who know they can figure out demanding puzzles, and can become a sudoku 247 expert.


Not everyone is a seasoned sudoku solver, there are people who have yet to try their first puzzle.

This is the book to start with, full of sudoku easy puzzles, or ones that are regarded as easy.

If that’s you, you’ll be on your way to sudoku solving stardom, having bettered these 200.


This one is like the last one, 200 of the easier to solve puzzles, a great way to enjoy yourself.

Now this is one of the low content publishing examples, that makes this genre so popular.


Another 200 hard sudoku puzzles, I know there’s a lot of these listed as amazon kindle books.

I try to give most of mine different covers to the majority, which are generally alike.

This will mean that mine will not be popular in the short term, but I hope they will in time. 

200 SUDOKU PUZZLES to challenge you

I published a lot of sudoku books at this time, this one was sudoku medium.

All of these books of sudoku come with answers so you can check how well you did.

Just have fun regardless of how good a sudoku solver you are.

Low Content Publishing; Third Photo

SUDOKU is good for you; a low content publishing book

This is another big book of sudoku puzzles packed with 200 medium classed puzzles.

Sudoku is one of the more popular puzzle books in the low content publishing world.

People just love solving them, the more of them the better.


I created this simple log book for anyone has is doing experiments.

On each page you can name the experiment, the starting date, and the details and progress.

There’s 120 pages allowing for a lot of experiments to have their details recorded.


Podcasts have become very popular in recent years, as has listening to them.

This is a log book to list all the podcasts that you want to listen to, and when they’re available.

Then there’s a column to show that you’ve listened to them, you can record the date, or just tick it.


In this book, with groups of two pages, you can write song lyrics, and on the page opposite, the music.

There’s place for conventional written music, and also six diagrams to show guitar chords.

It can be used to write/compose your own songs, or write out other songs you want to learn.

With 120 pages this could be a useful book for songwriters, performing musicians, or people who collect songs.

Don’t resist, it’s… KAKURO …time!

Kakuro may not be as quite popular as Sudoku, but it’s still a very popular puzzle that people like.

This book has 100 Kakuro puzzles with the answers included also, so you can check that you got them right.

If you like sudoku, perhaps you should give this one a go to, you’ll probably like it also.

Fourth photo


This book is very like the one above; JOURNAL FOR SONG LYRICS AND MUSIC, with one small difference.

The lines for writing the music in are tighter in this book, which means that you can write more in.

Go to amazon, look inside both, and then decide which you like best, and then, perhaps buy one.


In this book there is no place included for lyrics, just a place to write in music.

This is the music page from the previous book repeated 120 times, enough to write a lot of music.


The song and music journal is very like the SONG LYRICS AND GUITAR MUSIC JOURNAL.

There’s one difference, the guitar tabs are missing from the top of the page they were on.

Unlike the last book the page for writing lyrics is included in this one again.


This is the last music book in my low content publishing catalogue so far.

It has the page from the previous book for writing music without the tabs for guitar chords.

I hope if you’re in need of a music book that one of these is what you’re looking for. 


This is a great book to use to keep a diary, and will last for a full year.

The pages have a day of the week written on top of each, and there’s fifty three weeks included.

None of the pages are dated so you can start on any day of the week you want.

Fifth photo


When  people search on the internet they use different words when looking for something similar.

With that in mind I published this book four times with different names and different colored covers.

That way there’s a better chance of people being shown one of these books, or liking one of the covers.


This is the third book with the same interior, except for the first page, which is slightly different.

These books can be called a Log Book, Notebook, Journal, Planner or Diary (which I haven’t created yet).


This is the last of the four similar books, and I hope very useful books that I created together.

If you want to keep a diary, I think one of these books would be perfect for the project.

You can start it whenever you like because I haven’t dated them, limiting their usefulness.

Plan Your Next Photo Shoot

So many people are into photography since the advent of digital photography made it much easier and instant.

This book lets you plan your photo shoots and brings some order to the pursuit. 

It lets you plan the shoot in advance and keep a record for the future.

My Dinosaur Fact And Picture Book

To date I’ve published very few books aimed specifically at kids, but this one I definitely did.

It’s for kids who like to learn about dinosaurs, and i think that’s a big percentage of them.

On opposite pages they can write about a dinosaur on one and put a picture or drawing on the other.

Sixth photo

What About That Then…Those ALPACAS Are Demanding THEIR OWN JOURNAL

This is just a simple low content publishing book with lined pages, suitable for many different uses.

Hopefully the name and the cover attracts people to have a look, and perhaps want to own it.

When I Go Travelling…

This book is intended for people to keep a history of the places they travel to.

The pages only have a place for the date and location on them, and are mostly just lined besides that.

It could easily be used for fishing trips, photo shoots, a sporting occasion, or anything similar.

I like the pages of my journals to be one off, but easily adaptable to one’s own taste.


In this book there is a mixture of puzzles and pen and paper games, the first time I included both.

There are 7 puzzles included which are; Akari, Fillomino, Kakuro, Gokigen, Shikaku, Slitherlink and Sudoku.

Each puzzle has its own section with 16 puzzles and the answers with Dots and Boxes and Tic Tac Toe between sections.

If you want to try these puzzles without buying a big book of each, this is the book to try.

let the WORD SEARCH begin

Word Search is another type of puzzle and this was the first book of them that I published.

They’re simple and straight forward but they can be frustrating, you just have to stick with them.

The book contains 100 puzzles and the answers, just for those who aren’t stubborn enough to keep at them.

I so love MY CAT; a low content publishing book

People love their cats, as they do any animal they happen to have as a pet.

This book is for them, and I’ve included a page at the beginning to paste its photograph.

I notice that the pages in these early books are not ones I designed myself.

They’re ones I downloaded from another website which is how most people who do low content publishing start. 

Seventh photo

The Big Go-Moku Game Book

Go-Moku is played in a similar way to Tic Tac Toe, by placing Xs and Os in a grid. 

The grid is much bigger, 15 x 15, and the object is to connect 5 in a row.

In most of my pen and paper game books there is 12 game areas on every page.

With the game area being so much bigger than in the others, there’s only 2 per page here.

However with such a big playing grid, there’s the probability that games will last longer, and provide even more fun.

Your Mega Book of Fun Games

If there’s one thing better than a book of games, it’s a book with several different games.

This low content publishing book has 4 different pen and paper games, with 50 pages of each. 

First there’s Tic Tac Toe, followed by Dots and Boxes, Connect 4 and finally 50 pages of Go-Moku.

There’s a massive 1,900 game areas in this book, and there’s rules for all at the front.

Have Fun Playing TIC TAC TOE

Tic Tac Toe, also called Xs and Os, is one of the simplest pen and paper games. 

There can’t be many people who don’t know how to play it, or who never have.

However simple it is, it’s an evergreen game that never looses it’s popularity.

In this book you’ll find 1176 grids in which you can play that number of games.

Comic Book Collector Journal

Some people don’t like Comic Books, other people love them, and some of those collect them.

This journal is for those who collect them, to organise what and when they acquire.

It’s got 200 pages and room to log the book name, where sourced, when and what it cost.

There’s enough room in this book to build quite a catalogue of Comic Books, both owned and desired.


Just as there are people who like to collect Comic Books there are those who like to draw Comic Strips.

There are 2 parts to drawing a Comic Strip, the drawing, and writing the gag which is an integral part.

Comic Strips which consist solely of a drawing is difficult, because the image has to be incredibly powerful. 

Generally it involve a gag, and that’s normally where most of the humour is.

I find that’s the place to start, it’s easier to add a drawing to a joke, than  the other way around.

This book as alternate pages, one for a 3, 3 line gags, and the other for the accompanying images.

Eight photo

Order and Chaos game book

There’s 1,188 Order and Chaos puzzles packed into this book giving it great potential to entertain.

As with several other games this is plated by placing Xs and Os on a grid.

It’s a little different though, with one player trying to connect five in a row to win.

The second player wins by not allowing the first player to complete the string.

I’ve included the rules so that players can know what the game is about, and not confuse it with others. 

ENJOY YOURSELF with Connect 4

This book is similar to the previous one, same number of game areas, and the rules included at the front.

There’s a physical version of this game where discs are dropped in from above.

For that reason, Xs and Os must be placed as if they’re on top of another one of those letters.

With that restriction, the aim of the game is for either player to connect 4 of their letter.

These pen and paper games are very popular types of low content publishing books, particularly for kids.


There was a time when stamp collecting, or philately, was such a popular hobby. 

I don’t know how popular it is today, but I reckon it hasn’t a fraction of the following it once had.

However I expect that there still are people, possibly older, who still like collecting stamps.

This book, to catalogue a collection may well be of interest, or use, to those who still do.

Play SUDOKU again

This is a book containing 100 sudoku puzzles, with the solutions at the back of the book.

I have access to two sudoku puzzle generators, one that grades them, and this one that mixes the difficulty.

The graded puzzles I get in a ready to use PDF almost immediately, these ones I have to assemble myself.

I prefer these puzzles but it takes a long time to prepare a book a book and get it published.

Goosander Journal

When I publish a journal or notebook now I always make the interior pages, but I didn’t in the beginning. 

Then I use interiors from a website called book bolt, and this was one of the last ones I used.

Another website, tangent templates also provide interiors, but book bolt have some free ones, tangent templates don’t.

This is a simple line notebook, good for any note taking, and not just for people interested in the Goosander.

Ninth photo

Play SUDOKU now

When I started publishing low content books I hadn’t thought of puzzle books as being a central part of it.

This then was the very first puzzle book I did publish, after having several other books already online.

There is a definite market for them while some of the others are more hit and miss.


This is one about logging the fishing which fishing enthusiasts do, but I’m not sure they want it logged.

Fishing is a very popular pursuit, but whether writing while dripping wet is very popular, I have my doubts.

I published this book before I started designing pages, and I wouldn’t have included all this if I had designed it.

Don’t be bored Play Games

This was my first pen and pager game book, 100 pages of game areas featuring tried and tested games.

It had an equal number of Tic Tac Toe and Dots and Boxes games, with six on each page.

At this stage all my books were 6 inches by 9 inches, before I moved to a bigger size.

I’M YOUR GREATEST FAN (autograph book)

This is the only book I’ve published to date, that is in horizontal or landscape orientation.

It’s an autograph book, they were popular back when people had enough time to be impressed by celebrity.

I don’t know if that’s true anymore, but if it is, this book will is here, waiting and ready.

Sow it and watch it grow (Gardening Journal)

This is a gardening journal where you keep a history of the plants you sow and transplant.

The interior was downloaded from Book Bolt who offer PDF pages for low content publishing.

They’re fine, but your books will have the exact same interior as those of many others.

Shortly after this I decided I’d design all my own pages and make my books unique.

Tenth photo

Things to achieve, goals to set, tasks to do

One of the things about low content publishing is the titles that people pick for books.

This is just a simple notebook with lines pages that can be used for any form of note taking.

They are useful, but definitely not unique or different types of journal. 

Journal For Thoughts Ideas Suggestions and Planning

You can get great millage out of a lined notebook just by changing the cover and title.

Everything involves a learning curve and at this stage I just wanted to publish some books.

These early ones are perfectly good for writing but they’re very ordinary beside that.

NOW I’VE FORGOTTEN IT and it was so funny!

This one was aimed at people who like to write down jokes, their own or ones they’ve found.

Like the rest of the first four it’s a simple lined book suitable for anything.

I want people to buy my books but I really wouldn’t recommend any of the first 4 or 5.

Photographer and Artist Journal

When I decided to start low content publishing, this was the first book I published.

I like to take photographs so I decided to publish a photographers journal.

Again it’s a simple lined journal with only the cover different to many other lined notebooks.