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Jigsaw Puzzles; I’ve published some more of them in November, as well as Playing Cards.

As ever the designs on both products are landscape photographs, all taken in Ireland.

This month I’ve add ten new photographs to my Zazzle Shop; ScenicJigsaws.

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View of Connemara from Camus Uachtar
View of Connemara from Camus Uachtar

View from Camus Uachtar Jigsaw Puzzle

This shows a view from Camus Uachtar in West Connemara, showing a wide rural area.

Connemara is a mainly rural place with some small towns scattered throughout.

It looks like there’s a meandering lake, or a wide river in this photo, but it’s actually sea.

This is on the West Coast of Ireland where the landscape is very rugged in places.

In this area, the sea and land seem to be at war, looking for more of the available space.

It’s probably the result of the Atlantic Ocean almost constantly battering the West Coast.

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View of Clifden Town
View of Clifden Town

Clifden Town in Connemara

The second photograph shows the town of Clifden, the biggest of the towns of Connemara. 

In 1919 the first ever transatlantic flight came to an end just outside Clifden.

It’s not where John Alcock and Arthur Brown meant to land, they had intended to go to London.

However they didn’t get that far and had to settle for Derrygilmlagh Bog, just outside Clifden.

Beside that Clifden is a very nice town to visit and is surrounded by some wonderful scenery.

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Corrib Rowing and Yachting Club, Woodquat, Galway.
Corrib Rowing and Yachting Club, Woodquat, Galway.

The River Corrib enters Galway

This photo was taken in Woodquay, Galway and shows the River Corrib and the Corrib Rowing and Yachting Club.

Rowing is very popular on the Corrib, and while yachting is well loved on the sea around Galway.

Yachting is not so popular on the river where it’s a novelty to see a yacht.

There’s several rowing clubs based within yards of this club and crews are constantly visible training almost every day.

This is where the rivers enters Galway City before breaking into several different waterways to flow to the sea.

The Eglinton Canal and several rivers flow back together before it enters the sea at the Claddagh.

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Diving Board, Salthill, Galway.
Diving Board, Salthill, Galway.

The diving board in Salthill

The diving board in Salthill Galway, pictured above, is there for a long time.

For most of that time it was just sitting there, but in recent years it’s become somewhat iconic.

It’s become one of the instantly recognisable and often shown views of the city.

Any film that’s being shot in Galway seems to feature it as one of the standard shots.

In stormy weather you can get dramatic shots of crashing waves and perhaps that’s where it started.

The diving board Jigsaw Puzzle.

Thatched Cottage, The Claddagh, Galway.
Thatched Cottage, The Claddagh, Galway.

Galway’s treasure, The Claddagh

The Claddagh is a suburb of Galway City now, but is better known as a fishing village in the city.

Looking very like a rural village, it’s one of the oldest parts of the city.

It was comprised completely of thatched cottages like this one until well into the 20th century.

Then it was redeveloped as a standard Irish suburb of that era, and it remains like that today.

This one cottage, the only one left, was restored some years ago as a tourist attraction. 

The area is also known as the home of the Claddagh Ring, the one with the hands holding a heart.

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Parkavera River, Galway.
Parkavera River, Galway.

The Parkavera River 

Previously in this article I wrote about Woodquay where the River Corrib enters Galway City.

I mentioned that the river then split into several waterways while flowing through the city.

This is one of them, Parkavera River, which joins back with the main river again before entering the sea.

The buildings in the background is Parkavera, a little, almost hidden part of the city.

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Dock Road, Galway.
Dock Road, Galway.

Along the Dock Road, Galway

This photograph shows Dock Road, Galway with some boats in the foreground.

Until 2009 this area of Galway was something of an eyesore, but it’s been transformed since then.

In that year the Volvo Ocean Race payed a very successful visit to the city.

The dock area, being the centre of the event, got a makeover for the occasion.

Instead of falling back into what it was before 2009, it’s improving ever since.

It has a one way traffic system bringing traffic from the East to Salthill and onto Connemara.

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Celtic Cross, Clarenbridge, Galway.
Celtic Cross, Clarenbridge, Galway.

Celtic Cross Clarenbridge

Clarenbridge is a town South from Galway City, and home to the well loved Clarenbridge Oyster Festival.

This is a small park in the town featuring a very fine example of a Celtic Cross.

Celtic Crosses like this are very popular as Headstones in Graveyards in Ireland.

They’re not used nearly as much as stand alone shrines in parks like this though.

Clarenbridge  stands on the Wild Atlantic Way a coastal drive along the entire West  Coast of Ireland.

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Gaol River, Galway.
Gaol River, Galway.

Gaol River close to Galway Cathedral

Another one of Galway’s many rivers, this one is known as the Gaol River.

There is no gaol in Galway anymore, but when there was it stood right in front of this river.

The gaol was closed down and demolished in the mid Twentieth Century, freeing up the site for another use. 

That use was to build a brand new Cathedral right where the gaol had stood for so long.

Galway Cathedral looks a bit special, probably because of its very flattering location.

It stands totally alone with roads all the way around it, and the Gaol River beside one of those roads. 

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Galway Bay from Spiddal, Galway.
Galway Bay from Spiddal, Galway.

Galway Bay from Spiddal

Spiddal is a town North of Galway City along the West Coast in the area known as Connemara.

This photo was taken beside the beach and shows a section of Galway Bay.

s you probably know, Galway Bay has been written about in several songs bearing its name.

The best known of those was made famous by the much loved American crooner, Bing Crosby.

Again Spiddal is situated along the Wild Atlantic Way, the fantastically scenic drive along the West Coast.

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