Great Puzzle Book With A Good Variety Of Puzzles

Puzzle book; featured image

In this puzzle book there’s a variety of puzzles with Word Search, Number Search, Word Scramble and Sudoku included.

Two of the puzzle book types are word puzzles while the others are math puzzles.

Most puzzles belong to one or other of these types, and having both in the one book makes for a more absorbing experience.

It’s known that solving puzzles is good for ones mental health and brain function and having a selection makes it more fun.

This is a puzzle book for adults although some teens might find it interesting also.

Puzzle book; Word Search Puzzle

Word Search

A Word Search Puzzle consists of a grid with jumbled up letters which contain words  hidden within it.

All the words in any particular grid, a single puzzle, all belong to a given topic.

The number of words in a puzzle vary but are generally twenty something or other, but it may be less.

Words hidden in the grids can go from right to left or left to right, up or down, or visa versa, or diagonally. 

The diagonal ones can be up or down, or left to right, in other words in any of four directions.

To complete the puzzle you must locate every word and link them with a live through, or around, every individual word.

The puzzles in this book contain the subjects; European Islands, Cat Breeds, Fish, Fictional Countries, Rock Bands and many more.

The hidden words are listed under the puzzle so that you know what words you’re trying to locate. 

You may know little about some of these subjects, but you don’t need to because the hidden words are listed.

You just have to find the hidden words, and show them.

There’s a chance that you may learn something new also while solving the puzzle.

Puzzle book; Number Search Puzzle

Number Search

A Number Search Puzzle is very like Word Search Puzzle except you’re trying to locate strings of numbers, rather than words.

I think these are harder puzzles for two main reasons.

First there are only ten digits, 0 through 9, while the alphabet contains twenty six letters. 

This means that the individual digits occur more often in the grid than the individual letters do.

Secondly when you’re looking for words they are familiar words, most of which you know.

The strings of numbers are not recognisable in the same way as the words and will not be as easy to locate and isolate.

There are very few numeric sequences that become as familiar and recognisable as words.

You should find this puzzle somewhat more of a challenge than the Word Search.  

Word Scramble Puzzle

Word Scramble

By comparison with the previous puzzles a Word Scramble Puzzle is somewhat easier.

It consists of the letters of a word scrambled up and you have to unscramble them.

All the scrambled words are shown on a line of their own.

You are not given the word, but all the words in a puzzle are on one topic, and you will know what that topic is.

There are twelve words in each puzzle which is much less than the words or strings in the previous puzzles.

The topics of these puzzles include; Lakes New South Wales, French Cities, Lakes of Ohio, Fish Dishes, Colours and African Countries.

You may not know some of the words you have to unscramble, but in most cases there will probably be only one viable word.

If there are more than one possibility, then you can have fun trying to pick the correct one. 

Then if you get it wrong, you will possibly remember the answer for ever more when you see it.

Sudoku Puzzle


If you have never played Sudoku I expect you have seen it, because it is an incredibly popular puzzle ,and has been for decades.

There are some different forms of the puzzle, but this one is the most common.

Basically it consists of a grid of nine cells by nine cells, eighty one in all.

Within this large grid there are nine smaller grids measuring three cells in each direction.

The object of the game is to fit the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9 into each of the smaller grids, and in each line vertically and horizontally in the bigger grid.

To get you started there are a few digits in each of the small grids filled in.

From these you have to work out what number belongs in each cell, and fill it in.

I think it’s the most challenging of all these puzzles but the most satisfying when correctly completed.

Sudoku Puzzle Solution


Most likely you will know when you complete the puzzles that you have uncovered the correct solutions. 

However, it’s nice to be provided with the answers so that you can check them and make doubly sure.

If any of the puzzles are proving a little too tricky then you can look at one or two of the solution in order to get you restarted for another assault on that puzzle.

The solutions are provided at the back of the book in the same order as the puzzles are presented.

Puzzle Book Cover


When it come to creating a puzzle book cover design, most people like to come up with something that will stand out and get attention.

I love to get out with a camera from time to time and have accumulated a lot of landscape photographs over the years. 

I like to use some of those and make covers very different to what most puzzle book publishers do.

The places that I source my puzzles are some of the same places that most puzzle book publishers source theirs. 

So despite most of my covers looking very different, what’s inside is of the same quality as most others.

If you don’t like these covers then there are many others, however if you do like them, the puzzles inside look like and are of the same standard as most others.

Image of four puzzles

Try this book

If you enjoy a puzzle book then there’s every reason that you will like this one just as much as any other. 

This puzzle book will also make a great gift for someone who likes solving puzzles.
If you want to buy a present for someone who has yet to savour the puzzle book experience, this is a good place to start.

If you’re a seasoned puzzle solver then you will definitely enjoy this puzzle book.

On the other hand if you’re thinking of buying a puzzle book for the first time, this is a chance to experience several puzzles in one book.