FREE Sudoku Puzzles; I’m Giving Them Away

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FREE Sudoku puzzles; that’s right I’m giving 100 of them away to any body that wants them.

I’ve changed this offer to 100 Sudoku and 100 Number Search puzzles.

They’re in PDF form that you can download, print them out, and enjoy solving your free Sudoku puzzles.

The solutions are at the end of the PDF so that you can check if you got them all correct.

Sudoku is probably the most popular of all math puzzles, and one of the preferred of all puzzles.

If you’re familiar with Sudoku you’ll love them, if not be prepared to possibly be hooked. 

Millions of people all over the world love solving these and other puzzles, making it a daily ritual.

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If you click on one, and buy something, I will get a small payment for it.

You will not pay any more than you would pay if you’d gone direct to the website.

Free Sudoku Puzzles; Two Sudoku puzzles

Solving puzzles can help the brain

It’s widely accepted that solving puzzles is good for person’s brain and memory.

Spending some time everyday working at puzzle solving is regarded as a good way to fight Alzheimer’s disease.

It can help avoid getting it in the first place, or hinder its progress if already present.

In older people puzzles can keep the brain healthy and functioning better than might otherwise be expected.

Not only Sudoku, but other puzzles like Crossword Puzzles and Jigsaw Puzzles can have a beneficial effect.

The right side of your brain controls creativity, and the left side logical and analytical thinking.

Solving all types of puzzle use both sides of the brain, giving it a real good mental workout.

Thinking and analysing help improve your skills in problem solving, helped by solving all sorts of puzzle.

There are several other ways Sudoku and other kinds of puzzles stimulate and improve the brain.

Free Sudoku Puzzles; Some Sudoku Puzzle Book covers

Why I’m giving free sudoku puzzles away

I publish low content books, including puzzle books, and I use software to generate the puzzles.

These were generated with the exact same software that I get the ones I publish for sale at $5.99.

I’m giving it away as what is called a Lead Magnet, something most blog owners do.

Lead Magnets are usually something related to subject the blog, or website, that’s offering it as a gift.

They include things like e-books, software, free courses, cheatsheets, discounts and a whole lot more.

Anything a blog owner thinks their readers might like can be offered as a lead magnet.

New things are being offered all the time, some work well while others get ignored.

When someone decides to receive the free, or discounted gift, they have to give their email address to get it.

In doing so they opt onto a mailing list , to receive emails from the blog or website.

Sudoku page of puzzles and rules

So what is a mailing list?

Most people who sell thing online like to have a mailing list of potential prospective buyers.

They send emails to their list in the hope that some of them will buy what they’re selling.

Some mailing list owners can be a nuisance bombarding their list several times a day.

Most are more considerate than that, sending occasional mailings that are more informative than pushy.

You see, I don’t like being bombarded, so I don’t, and won’t do that.

I will only send one email every month listing the blog posts I’ve published in the previous month.

There’s no obligation on those receiving the mails to even open them, but I hope most will.

We know that most people who join mailing lists never buy anything, but some do.

It’s those people who do buy occasionally that keep business alive on the Internet.

Very few people come to a website once and buy something straight off, except at established sites like Amazon and eBay.

People are hesitant to buy from smaller sites, but they will sometimes opt on to a mailing list.

Covers of puzzle books that contain Sudoku puzzles

Opting onto a mailing list

Most of us find a website, regardless of how much we like it, or find it helpful, we rarely go back. 

When we own a website, we want an audience, and that includes people who come back again.

I don’t know who visits my site, but I can see that x amount of people did so yesterday.

When I check my stats I don’t like to see that the number of visitors is declining.

It’s not about knowing who comes, just that people are coming, and that some come back.

I don’t want to know anything about who joins my list, I’m just glad that people do.

When I fancy getting a lead magnet I see, I note what information I’m asked for on the sign up form.

I don’t mind giving my email address and my name, but I don’t like being asked for more.

If there’s much more than that being asked for I often just don’t bother with it.

I only ask for the person’s first name and email address, I don’t even want a full name.

Pages of Sudoku solutions

If you accept the free Sudoku Puzzles

If you would still like the 100 Free Sudoku Puzzles, just get them and don’t worry.

I will send you one email every month, listing the books and blog posts I published recently.

The free Sudoku Puzzles I’m giving away are similar to some of those I publish in books and sell.

They’re generated by software in either of three difficulties, easy medium or hard.

The puzzles in this PDF are of the medium difficulty, quite challenging but not the very hardest.

If they were published in book form I would price these at $5.99, and my books sell at that price.

Once you download the PDF you will probably need to print it, it was generated to be printed.

You can save paper by printing 4 pages on one page, a quarter of the  size of the PDF page. 

This will be as big, or bigger as Sudoku Puzzles are printed in Newspapers.

There’s an article here that tells you how to do this, and save paper by doing it.

You don’t need to print the answers, you will be able to check them on your devise.

If you decide to accept my offer of free Sudoku Puzzles, I hope you enjoy them very much.