Drawing Books And Others Published In December

Drawing Books; Featured Photograph

Drawing Books made up as much of the books I published in December as Puzzle Books.

I have found that when I submit a book for publishing the time it takes to be published varies.

Puzzle Books tend to be published in a day or two, but others take longer.

Drawing Books and others used to be published in three or four days but are taking over a week now.

It’s frustrating when you upload a new book and have to wait so long for it to be offered for sale.

Hopefully it’s something that will sort itself out rather than a change of policy.

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Drawing Books; Post image of a book cover


The first one is a Drawing Book, which I’d uploaded in November but it didn’t get published until December.

I like drawing Comic Strips, but I draw them totally on computer with various software.

This book is aimed at people who take a more traditional approach, with pen or pencil.

I find that it’s better to start with an idea and write several gags before you start to draw.

That way you have an idea that you’re going to make progress once you start to draw.

If you seriously want to draw a Comic Strip that could be published and promoted, this book is a good start.

One you work out the idea and see what it could be like, you can develop it farther.

If you only want to have fun and amuse yourself, this book is good for that too.

Drawing Books; A photo of a different book cover


This is another Drawing Book which can be used for any type of sketching or drawing.

You can use it for doodling, simple silly little drawings which can be great fun.

It can also be used for working out the composition for serious works of art.

Then again, you can sit in front of things and sketch them, from still life to landscape.

All you need is to grab a pencil and away you go to draw as you like.

Drawing Books; Book cover photo for another blog post


Marupeke is a puzzle that is not as well know as some more established puzzles, yet.

It was invented in 2009, so it’s not a new puzzle at this stage.

If you haven’t played it yet, now is a great time to have a go.

it will probably get more popular in the future as people who like puzzles search for other ones.

Sudoku book cover


Sudoku is a well established puzzle that shows no sign of loosing it’s popularity.

This book consists of the most difficult level of this intriguing puzzle.

If you’ve tried the easier levels of Sudoku then you’re probably ready to conquer this challenging level.

For those who enjoy this level of difficulty it’s unlikely they’ll ever get too much of it.

This photo shows the cover of a drawing book

DINOSAUR Drawing Book

Drawing Books are basically the same, but calling them different names attracts different people to them.

Dinosaurs are ever popular with boys and anything so themed can grab the attention of a great number of them.

The pages are standard and can be used to draw anything, or even write on if preferred.

One of these books might entice a boy who might otherwise have little time for a pencil.

You can record all your passwords in this book


Almost anyone who bothers with the Internet will join programmes and websites that require passwords.

Very few sites allow you to use a common word as a password anymore because they’re not very secure.

There are some people who only enjoy the Internet if they’re causing trouble and mayhem on it.

This includes working out passwords and stealing and hijacking things on people.

For that reason software is now set up to insist on more secure passwords that are very hard to decipher.

It’s also advisable to have a different one for each site you sign up to.

That way if someone does work one out they will only do damage in one place, not multiple places.

This book is designed to be a place to record all your passwords and keep them safe.

It could prove to be a great investment, even though you will never know that it is.

You can't have too many Sudoku Books

Play Sudoku At Home

This book is has 200 of the easier variety of Sudoku Puzzle, still challenging enough to keep you busy.

It looks like 2021 will involve some more ‘Staying at Home’, in the early months anyway.

You don’t have to use this book at home, but people are searching online using those words.

If you like Sudoku, buy this book, and play it anywhere, it’s just another Sudoku book.