Board Games; Perfect To Pass Time

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Board games; when you have a lot of time to kill, they’re a great way to do it. 

Yes there are more modern ways to get through it, but at least they offer some variety.

They’re a more social way to get through time than spending it all in front of a screen.

You could also try a little photography, but you could still make time for some board games.

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In this article I’ll remind you of some you know, and hopefully show you some you don’t.

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Chess a great strategic board game

Chess is a very old, very good game that ’s played competitively to a very high standard.

Mostly it’s played for fun by people who enjoy it as a game, and not fir its competitive aspect.

Chess sets start at basic sets, comprising of a board, and two sets of simple, ordinary chessmen.

The figures are generally one in a dark colour and the other in a light colour. 

While the board is standard, sixty four squares of alternate dark and light colours, in a square format.

The chessmen can vary much more, up to ornate sets, often with historical themes.

The chess set above is a standard set that’s housed in a folding box, that unfolded becomes the board.

Boards sometimes come alone as do the sets, to be bought and matched separately.

One such board is the16 Inch Shisham Chess Board, which has an anti-scratch green felt covering underneath.

There’s two themed chess sets shown above, an Arc Angel set and an Alien and Human set.

Sets like either of those two can be bought alone and paired with a board like the one here.

Some more popular board games

These are some more long established much played board games that are still desirable.

Backgammon is known to have existed almost five thousand years ago, due to archaeological finds in Mesopotamia.

The fact that it’s still played today, after all that time shows how enduring a game it is. 

Checkers which is also know as Draughts is one of the more simple board games.

The games don’t usually last for very long and are often over in a few minutes.

Unlike some of the other board games, Abalone is only a few decades old, dating from 1987.

The game involves teams of marbles pushing each other around a board.

One team tries to push six marbles from another team off the board.

It can be played by two people with a team each, or up to six people with their own team.

First, Chinese Checkers is a game invented in Germany in 1892, and given the name Sternhalma.

The name Chinese Checkers originated in the United States in 1928, as a marketing scheme.

Some newer games

Scrabble is a word game where players create words form letters printed on small plastic tiles.

The words are placed on a board with squares, both the tiles and the squares are worth points.

Some tiles are worth more points than others, as are some squares.

The aim is to score more points than opponents before the tiles run out or there are no more plays possible.

Risk was invented in 1957 and is a strategic game of diplomacy, conflict and conquest.

It’s played on a board marked with territories and players try to capture  all the other players territories.

Catan is another board game that originated in Germany, this one as recently as 1995.

There have been many extra version and spin offs of the original game to date.

Clue also and originally known as Cluedo was invented in Birmingham, England in 1943.

It’s a murder mystery game played by three to six players, and first manufactured in 1949. 

Some 21st Century games

Blokus is the first board game in this article that was invented this century, in 2000 in France.

The game involves fitting shaped tiles onto a square board with four hundred squares.

All the tiles are different shapes consisting of between one and five squares.

Tiles are placed on the board according to the game rules, scoring points, and the biggest point scorer, wins.

Carcassone: The Tower, is another game that comes from Germany, and also first published in 2000.

This version is one of many expansions of the original game, which was updated in 2014.

Other e expansions of the game include; “Inns and Cathedrals”, “Traders and Builders” and “The Princess and the Dragon”.

As Hacker was a finalist in Mensa Mind Games in 2019, I expect it was a new game then.

You have to outsmart criminals and in doing so you play the roles of coder, hacker and security engineer.

It involves three different phases of play where you have to face forty coding challenges.

The Quacks of Quedlinburg is another fairly new board game only on the market since 2018.

The players in the game have to brew potions that will make them the best miracle doctor in the land.

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