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There’s A Lot Of E- Books Included This Month

I’ve added something new this month, a new line of e-books, published on a different platform; Payhip.
On KDP I publish mainly Low Content Books, I’m publishing mainly marketing books on Payhip.
I will expand the scope of these e-books but as of now they are mostly about marketing and making money.
This has meant that I’ve far more books this last month than I normally do.

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We Do Paperback, Hardcover And E-Books Now

Up to now, I’ve only published Paperback Books on Amazon, but this month I’ve added some other forms.
I’ve re-published some of the Paperbacks that I’ve published previously, this time as Hardcovers.
As well as that I’ve taken a chance with a few eBooks also, which are entirely different.
The Paperback and Hardcover books are both Low Content but the eBooks are Full Content.

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6 Books Of Low Content Published In March

I seem to publish less Books of Low Content every month, which is not planned, it just happens.
There are many people who publish these type of books, and we’re trying to find some that are in demand.
Not only in demand, but that there aren’t very many books like it available.

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44 Puzzle Books To Keep You Actively Engaged

Puzzles are challenging, absorbing and possibly frustrating, and sometimes all three at the same time.
They’re very good at keeping your brain in good working order longer than if you didn’t keep it stimulated.
Therefore solving puzzles on a regular basis, particularly as you get older is a positive thing to do.

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Treat Yourself To A Newly Published Gift

Treat yourself to a Jigsaw Puzzle or a deck of Playing Cards from those newly published this month.
In this horrible time when we’re all struggling, treat yourself to a gift that will help kill time.
Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle and you have the option of keeping it intact as a picture.
Alternatively you can break it up and start all over again, and have twice the fun with it.
Get a deck of Playing Cards and see how many new card games you can learn.
There are so many, some to play with other people, and many you can play alone.

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7 Useful Low Content Books Published In February

I published another seven useful low content books during February, which I discuss below.
They include Planners, Puzzle Books, Appointment Books, Journals and Logbooks, all useful low content books.
These books are being added to the other such book that I’ve published previously.
As they continue to grow, hopefully there will be something for everyone eventually, if not already.

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Photographic Products, Newly Published In January

Photographic products, this month I’ve published some more jigsaw puzzles and playing cards featuring photographs.
As ever, each photograph is used on both, as the puzzle in the jigsaw puzzle and on the reverse of the playing cards.
I try to add some new jigsaw puzzles and playing cards every month to build up a good selection.

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Drawing Books And Others Published In December

Drawing Books made up as much of the books I published in December as Puzzle Books.
The first one is a Drawing Book, which I’d uploaded in November but it didn’t get published until December.
Marupeke is a puzzle that is not as well know as some more established puzzles, yet.