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10 Good Reasons To Read Books

There are many reasons to read books, and most of them are very good reasons.
Reading is good anyway, whether it’s books, newspapers, magazines, online or any other way you can.
Books can engage your senses in a more complete way than some more enticing media.
They can slow a hectic life down for a while, and bring back some needed perspective.

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Where To Find Puzzles To Solve

Here are some places where you can find many different kinds of puzzles to solve.
Puzzles can re-leave boredom, stimulate and exercise your brain, or simply be a whole lot of fun.
In one form or another puzzles have been around for thousands of years.
No one seems to know for sure how long, but it could be 2,300 years or more.
People are creating new puzzles, and sometimes new puzzle types, on an ongoing basis.

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FREE Sudoku Puzzles; I’m Giving Them Away

FREE Sudoku puzzles; that’s right I’m giving 100 of them away to any body that wants them.
They’re in PDF form that you can download, print them out, and enjoy solving your free Sudoku puzzles.
The solutions are at the end of the PDF so that you can check if you got them all correct.
Sudoku is probably the most popular of all math puzzles, and one of the preferred of all puzzles.

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Board Games; Perfect To Pass Time

Board games; when you have a lot of time to kill, they’re a great way to do it.
Yes there are more modern ways to get through it, but at least they offer some variety.
They’re a more social way to get through time than spending it all in front of a screen.

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Jigsaw Puzzles; Added In November

Jigsaw Puzzles; I’ve published some more of them in November, as well as Playing Cards.
As ever the designs on both products are landscape photographs, all taken in Ireland.
This month I’ve add ten new photographs to my Zazzle Shop; ScenicJigsaws.

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Low Content Publishing; My Older Books

Low Content Publishing, I’ve done some more of it before I started this blog.
Just for the record I’m listing all my older titles here, to make this website complete.
You’d never know, you may find the book you’re looking for.

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October Books; New Publications This Month

October books; I’ve published some more new books, mostly puzzle, this month also.
There are a few journals and notebooks included, some capable of catering to many different note taking needs.
In this blog post you can read a quick summary of what each book is all about.
There’s a link for each book to let you have a look inside some of it.

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Puzzle Games; Where You Can Find Them

Puzzle games; there’s tons of them if you know where to find them, and I do.
You can have your pick of them, giving you fun and confusion, bafflement and delight, at the same time.
So that you know exactly what a one is, here is a puzzle definition;
A puzzle is a problem, toy or game that’s worked out to test ingenuity or knowledge.

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Puzzle Games, Books With Several Types

Puzzle games, both word puzzles and the number variety are very popular and loved by many people.
While some people are happy to play them online, others prefer to play them in hand, with a pen.
In book form, either in a book full of one type of puzzle, or a book with different puzzle types.

New designs available on items on sale in the Zazzle shop

Zazzle Shop New Designs

I added some new jigsaw puzzles and playing cards to the ScenicJigsaws Zazzle shop in early October. At this stage the number of images available in the Zazzle shop is beginning to grow.The aim is to grow it so there is plenty of variety on offer.