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Some Great Gift Ideas For Deserving Kids And Others

The gift ideas I’m presenting here are dinosaur themed and as such will appeal to children most of all.
While these might not be ideal gifts for everyone, some of them are ideal personalised gifts for kids.
No one on Earth has ever seen a real dinosaur yet they’re a subject that fascinates many people.
While these might not be popular gifts for girls, many of them would be much appreciated gifts for 10 year old boys.

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Make Your Kids Happy With These Great Gifts

Kids love posters on a wall, and they love dinosaurs and everything about them also.
Combine the two and you get dinosaur themed posters, which are almost guaranteed to delight children.
These are some posters featuring images of dinosaurs which I have created and made available to purchase.
They’re in the form of printable PDFs, which can be bought and then printed at home.
There’s a choice of sizes in which they can be printed, either A3 or A4.

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Great Puzzle Book With A Good Variety Of Puzzles

In this puzzle book there’s a variety of puzzles with Word Search, Number Search, Word Scramble and Sudoku included.
Two of the puzzle book types are word puzzles while the others are math puzzles.
Most puzzles belong to one or other of these types, and having both in the one book makes for a more absorbing experience.
It’s known that solving puzzles is good for ones mental health and brain function and having a selection makes it more fun.
This is a puzzle book for adults although some teens might find it interesting also.

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Challenge Yourself To Conquer These Powerful Math Puzzles

This months newly published books are all puzzle books, consisting mostly of math puzzles.
All the books feature one puzzle, but it’s a different one in each book.
Each one should pose a decent test of your wits to figure them out.
However they are all solvable with persistence and application.
So just pick one to start with, and see how long it is until you’re back to look at what’s left.

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Using Puzzle Books Can Keep Your Mind Working Better

There’s several Puzzle Books, and some others in the newly published books in June.
Puzzle Books are always popular and it seems unlikely that there will ever be too many of them published.
These new books include the first Crossword Puzzle Book that I’ve created.
Solving Puzzles is a more beneficial way to occupy your spare time than many of the alternatives.
It keeps the mind active and healthy, and delay dementia, which is not the case with all pastimes.

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There’s A Lot Of E- Books Included This Month

I’ve added something new this month, a new line of e-books, published on a different platform; Payhip.
On KDP I publish mainly Low Content Books, I’m publishing mainly marketing books on Payhip.
I will expand the scope of these e-books but as of now they are mostly about marketing and making money.
This has meant that I’ve far more books this last month than I normally do.

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We Do Paperback, Hardcover And E-Books Now

Up to now, I’ve only published Paperback Books on Amazon, but this month I’ve added some other forms.
I’ve re-published some of the Paperbacks that I’ve published previously, this time as Hardcovers.
As well as that I’ve taken a chance with a few eBooks also, which are entirely different.
The Paperback and Hardcover books are both Low Content but the eBooks are Full Content.

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6 Books Of Low Content Published In March

I seem to publish less Books of Low Content every month, which is not planned, it just happens.
There are many people who publish these type of books, and we’re trying to find some that are in demand.
Not only in demand, but that there aren’t very many books like it available.

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44 Puzzle Books To Keep You Actively Engaged

Puzzles are challenging, absorbing and possibly frustrating, and sometimes all three at the same time.
They’re very good at keeping your brain in good working order longer than if you didn’t keep it stimulated.
Therefore solving puzzles on a regular basis, particularly as you get older is a positive thing to do.

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Treat Yourself To A Newly Published Gift

Treat yourself to a Jigsaw Puzzle or a deck of Playing Cards from those newly published this month.
In this horrible time when we’re all struggling, treat yourself to a gift that will help kill time.
Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle and you have the option of keeping it intact as a picture.
Alternatively you can break it up and start all over again, and have twice the fun with it.
Get a deck of Playing Cards and see how many new card games you can learn.
There are so many, some to play with other people, and many you can play alone.