I like taking photographs, designing and publishing things. This website is about the low content book I publish, and the Jigsaw Puzzles and Playing Cards I also publish. The jigsaw puzzles are all of landscape photographs I’ve taken, as are the backs of the playing cards.

Solving puzzles are regarded as helpful in keeping the mind in working order as get you thinking. I hope you find some puzzles here that you will enjoy solving.

There are links to where you can buy some of the puzzle books that I’ve published. I will be publishing more on an ongoing basis. As well as the puzzle books I also publish pen and paper game books and notebooks.

You will also find links here to my jigsaw puzzles and playing cards. These all have landscape, or animals in a landscape, photographs on them.

Check out my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Puzzlesgamesbooks-102383671683408 as well.

I also have a photography website/blog; enjoyyourphotography.com.