8 New Low Content Books Published In January

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New low content books, this is a blog post about the ones I published in January.

They include several notebooks, some puzzle books and a sketch pad.

If you want, or need, one of these books, I hope you can find it here.

Alternatively, you may find what you want among those published in November, December or earlier.

I’ve linked all the new low content books to where they’re listed for sale.

If you click on any of these links, and buy the book, I will get paid.

You will not pay any more for the book than you would by going directly to where it’s listed.

New low content books; Writer's Composition Notebook

WRITER’S Composition Notebook

Of the new low content books I published this month, this was the first one.

This is a simple notebook with a college lined interior, suitable for general writing.

It’s probably of more useful to someone is attending school or college, or studying in general.

However, this can be a useful book for anyone because the pages are adaptable.

See WRITER’S Composition Notebook

New low content books; Notebook for Fountain Pen Writing


It’s much easier to write legibly with a fountain pen than with a ball point pen.

They used to be commonplace in the past but are not much used anymore.

If you have one, or are going to get one, this book is to practice in, with your pen.

With some practice you can rescue your writing from over use of a ballpoint pen.


New low content books; Vroom Sketch Pad

VROOM Sketch Pad

This is another sketch pad which can be used to sketch fast cars, or anything.

Regardless of what may be pictured on the cover, a book meant for drawing in is just that.

If you are in the mood for doing some sketching, do consider this book.

Of the new low content books I published this month, this is the only artistic one

See VROOM Sketch Pad

Experiment Log Book


This book is for people who carry out experiments of any sort where they can log the details.

All the pages are fairly simple where you can name the experiment and also enter the date.

The rest of the page is simply lines where all the details of the experiment can be logged.

If more than one page is needed, then simply continue on the next page, for as many as you need. 


300 Sudoku Puzzles


The thing about Puzzle Books, Sudoku or otherwise is that you may never have enough of them.

If you like solving these puzzles then every book of them is a treat and is welcome.

Because of that, those of us who publish puzzle books can continue to do so on an ongoing basis.

While it may be so for all low content books, it is for puzzle books.


Camera Buying Planner

CAMERA Buying Planner

Smart phones have been around at this stage for about two decades.

When I first heard that such a thing existed I thought it was ridiculous idea, as did many people.

Having a camera in your phone, however novel it sounded, soon became an accepted part of life.

It introduced so many people to photography who would probably never bothered otherwise.

Many people are happy with the smartphone as is, but some like to get a more traditional camera.

This book is mainly for those, where they can record the details of different cameras before deciding on one.

When the camera has been bought, the remainder of the book can be adapted to research other camera equipment.

See CAMERA Buying Planner

Sudoku Book


This is the second Sudoku Book I’ve published this month, the only puzzle books I did publish.

This book has 200 hard puzzles, while the other has 300, 100 each of easy, medium and hard puzzles.

As ever both books has the answers at the end in the same order as the puzzles themselves.

The puzzles are one to a page while there are 4 answers to every page.

Either of these books can make a great gift or present to anyone who likes Sudoku or other puzzles.


secret places I can stash easter eggs

secret places I can stash easter eggs

Unlike most treats Easter Eggs are only available for a short time, mostly before the actual day.

If you want to have them during other times of the year, you have to buy and hoard them.

It’s best to stash then individually so that no one finds them all and thinks they’ve been abandoned. 

The thing to do is hide them separately, and take note of where they are.

This is the book for that, just in case your memory isn’t as sharp as you think it is.

If you don’t want to hide a truck full of Easter Eggs, you can still use this book.

It’s a simple lines notebook, with a nice cover, which will accept anything you care to write. 

See secret places I can stash easter eggs