7 Useful Low Content Books Published In February

Useful books; Featured photograph

I published another seven useful low content books during February, which I discuss below.

They include Planners, Puzzle Books, Appointment Books, Journals and Logbooks, all useful low content books.

These books are being added to the other such book that I’ve published previously.

As they continue to grow, hopefully there will be something for everyone eventually, if not already.

This blog post some more affiliate links, they’re the links that lead to where the books are for sale. 

If you click on any of these links, and buy the book, I will get paid.

You will not pay any more for the book than you would by going directly to where it’s listed.

Useful books; Weight Lifting Journal

Weight Lifting Planner

More people than ever before like to keep themselves fit for several different reasons.

Chief among those is the health benefits that accrue from becoming and staying fit.

There’s the possibility of a social boost by joining a gym and working out there regularly.

It’s at a gym that most people who lift weights regularly as part of their fitness regime, do so.

This book will help people to log their weight lifting and build a history, and plot their progress.

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Useful books; Pinterest Planner

Pinterest Planner

Of all social media Pinterest has the best potential of suppling a lot of traffic to a website.

Strictly speaking it’s not a social media platform, but a medium for research and promotion.

People use Pinterest to research things that they intend buying now or in the near future.

Businesses use it to promote their wares but potentially putting them in front of eager buyers.

This book helps people keep a record of the pins the publish and where they pin them.

Done right, Pinterest has fantastic potential, but done wrong, it can be a waste of time.

As there are a lot of people using Pinterest, this could be a very useful book for many.

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Useful books; Number Search Puzzles


I used to publish mainly puzzle books but at the moment I try to concentrate more on different books.

Puzzle books are easier, especially when you have access to software that generates them and presents pin the form of PDFs.

All I need to do is add a cover and list it with all my other books, and wait till people start buying it.

However tempting to just do that it’e better to publish a variety of books, even it it involves much more work.


Useful books; Electrolysis Appointment Book

Electrolysis Appointment Book

Many businesses use Appointment Books to organise their work schedule if that involves having regular consultations.

It would be bad if business made appointments, didn’t take note of them, and were surprised and unprepared for them.

Electrolysis Businesses are only one of a multitude that work by seeing and treating people by appointment.

This book is aimed at Electrolysis Businesses and I hope it will be useful to them.

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100 Killer Sudoku Puzzles

100 Killer Sudoku Puzzles

Killer Sudoku is very like regular Sudoku, only it’s somewhat harder to solve.

While with the normal Sudoku some of the cells are pre-filled with numbers, in Killer Sudoku, they aren’t.

Instead you get hints in some of the cells that let you figure out some of the answers.

Then you figure the rest out like you do in the ‘simple’ form that you probably know.

Obviously you have to figure the hints correctly, otherwise you haven’t a chance of getting it right.

As puzzles go, this one is demanding, and will need some perseverance in order to succeed.

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Hill Walking Journal
Hill Walking Journal

Hill Walking Journal

This last year has been so different to anything anyone alive has ever experienced before.

With countries shutting down and normal activity being temporarily ruled out of order, people had time on their hands.

That time had to be spent indoors at home, or outside in wide open areas.

Many people discovered the countryside for the first time, or re-discovered it after many years.

One outdoor activity that some people discovered, and that others have long likes, is hill walking.

Whether for new or regular hill walkers, this book is designed to record the experience, and be very useful.

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Whiskey Tasting Journal

Whiskey Tasting Logbook

Like all other alcoholic drinks, Whiskey can be dangerous to people who become addicted to it.

However, that doesn’t happen to everyone, in fact it only happens to a small proportion of drinkers.

Most people can enjoy a drink without it overwhelming them, and some of those like Whiskey.

There are hundreds of different brands of whiskey from many different countries.

Some people like to sample as many of these as they can, and this book is for them.

They can log the different whiskeys, and what they look and taste like. 

More importantly they can note which one they particularly like and those that they don’t care for.

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