6 Books Of Low Content Published In March

Books of Low Content; Featured Photograph

I seem to publish less Books of Low Content every month, which is not planned, it just happens.

There are many people who publish these type of books, and we’re trying to find some that are in demand.

Not only in demand, but that there aren’t very many books like it available.

That necessitates a lot of research, but with no guarantee that any book will be as popular as expected.

It’s easy to find a book that’s been published 10,000 times, and do it again, and it will never sell.

Finding ones that are rare, and will sell in numbers, is the challenge.

Check out some of my other books to see what I’ve previously published.

If any of my books sell I will get paid a little money for creating the book.

You will pay the same if you click a link in this post, or find the book yourself.

Books of Low Content; Photo of a low content book

Appointment Book And Notes Section

This is general Appointment book which is suitable, (hopefully) for anyone who needs such a book.

On one page there’s room to write in the date at the very top.

Under that there’s twenty three rows, in three columns each, in which to write an appointment in each one.

In the first column you write the time of the appointment, in the second their name, and lastly a contact number of email address.

The opposite page is simply lined, notebook style, in which to write any necessary notes.

There are 122 pages in the book, 120 of which are for making appointments and making relevant notes. 

Have a look at; Appointment Book And Notes Section

Books of Low Content; This is another photo of a low content book

Sketch Pad For Still Life

This is a Sketch Pad which is intended for anyone who wants to draw still life subjects.

Actually the interior is a standard sketch pad or drawing book that I publish.

This one is aimed at anyone who might like to draw still life subjects, either posed or as found.

The book won’t refuse any type of sketch, no matter what the subject, and can be use as required.

Have a look at; Sketch Pad For Still Life

Books of Low Content; And another one

Appointment Book For My Engagements

This is another Appointment Book, but this one is for a person to log their own appointments. 

Note the appointments you make, with a Hairdresser, a Doctor, a Bank or whatever they are.

You log the date the appointment was made, and the date and time it’s made for.

As well as that you note who the appointment is with and what the address to attend is. 

It can be embarrassing, as well as inconvenient, to make an appointment and then forget to attend.

Using this book as it’s intended should help you avoid instances like that. 

Have a look at; Appointment Book For My Engagements 

Books of Low Content; There are six altogether

Organizer For Dog Walkers

Many people keep pet dogs, and they need to be walked several times everyday.

Not everyone who does own a dog has the time to do so for one reason or another. 

That enables enterprising people to make a career of walking other people’s dogs, and become dog walkers.

Those that do walk dogs belonging to several people, at least twice a day.

This book is an organizer for those who decide that they will do this much needed job.

They can take note of the dogs that they have to walk, and when to do so. 

Have a look at; Organizer For Dog Walkers

We're coming near the end of our books of low content photos

Shoe Buying Notebook

I don’t know why anyone would want a notebook to research buying a pair of shoes, but they might.

If they do, then this is the very book they want, and that will help them in their research.

There’s a hundred pages with each one designed to record the data go five pairs of shoes.

With room for 500 entries, there will be a good pair of shoes required, just to do the enquiring.

I hope I’m wrong but I don’t see this book being a best seller.  

Have a look at;  Shoe Buying Notebook

This is the final one

Artist’s Table Top Sketch Book

Like the Sketch Pad above, this one is also there to be found by anyone who searches for it.

That is if they search specifically for a Still Life Sketch Pad for Artist’s or something close to that.

If I just call it a Sketch Pad in all probability no one will ever find it, due to competition.

With this title, it will be easier for someone to be shown it, if they search for something similar. 

It might seem silly but it’s how the Internet works, and how a lot of modern life also works. 

Have a look at; Artist’s Table Top Sketch Book