12 More Gift Ideas, Jigsaws And Cards For February

Featured photograph; more gift ideas

More gift ideas, these are the new ones I’ve posted online during February.

By now I’ve got a growing number of Jigsaw Puzzles and Playing Cards listed for sale.

That’s twelve more gift ideas added to those online previously.

If you like doing Jigsaw Puzzles, you might like some of these featuring photographs taken outdoors.

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All the photos available as Jigsaw Puzzles are also used as the reverse side of Playing Cards. 

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More gift ideas; photograph of Inchagoill Island

Inchagoill Island, Lough Corrib

There are hundreds of islands in Lough Corrib but this is the only one accessible by foot or vehicle.

It’s also one of the biggest and probably the only one with people living on it.

The road onto the island starts from the village of Ower, which is in the Headford area.

It’s in the northern part of the lake, just off the eastern shore.

See Inchagoill Island, Lough Corrib Jigsaw Puzzle

See Inchagoill Island, Lough Corrib Playing Cards

More gift ideas; photograph of Terryglass

Terryglass, Co. Tipperary 

Just like Headford, Terryglass is situated on the north eastern bank of a lake.

This is Lough Derg, the most southerly lake on the River Shannon, Ireland’s longest river.

The shores of Lough Derg borders three counties, Tipperary to the east, Clare and Galway to the west.

Terryglass is a small but picturesque village, with a lovely view of the lake.

See Terryglass, Co. Tipperary Jigsaw Puzzle

See Terryglass, Co. Tipperary Playing Cards

More gift ideas; photograph of Cong

Bridge, Cong, Co. Mayo

The village of Cong is very close to the border of counties Mayo and Galway.

It’s mostly in Mayo but some of the it is in Galway, and this part may.

This part could be in Galway, but without being sure I’m guessing it’s Mayo.

Whether or which, it’s a particularly scenic village with plenty photographic opportunities.

See Bridge, Cong, Co. Mayo Jigsaw Puzzle

See Bridge, Cong, Co. Mayo Playing Cards

More gift ideas; photograph of snow in Galway

Snow in Galway

As I write this, it’s snowing outside, which is unusual where I live. 

This photograph was taken the last time it snowed, almost three years ago, March 2018.

It’s nice to seat occasionally, particularly when it doesn’t happen too often, and here it doesn’t

See Snow in Galway Jigsaw Puzzle

See Snow in Galway Playing Cards

Photograph of Owenriff River

Owenriff River, Oughterard

Oughterard is north of Galway City, on the western shore of Lough Corrib, and on the eastern part of Connemara.

The Owenriff River flows south through part of Connemara and enters Lough Corrib right in the town of Oughterard.

This photograph was taken just at it reaches the town, in a small but lovely park.

See Owenriff River, Oughterard Jigsaw Puzzle

See Owenriff River, Oughterard Playing Cards

Photograph of Lough Derg

Boats on Lough Derg

This photo was taken in Mountshannon, Co. Clare on the western shore of Lough Derg.

The River Shannon rises in Northern Ireland and flows south through the centre of Ireland.

It eventually winds its way to Limerick City where it enters the sea, through a long estuary.

Mountshannon is one of several small towns that lie on the banks of Lough Derg. 

See Boats on Lough Derg Jigsaw Puzzle

See Boats on Lough Derg Playing Cards

Photograph of Doo Lough

Doo Lough, Co. Mayo

South west County Mayo is sparsely populated but includes some wonderful scenery.

Doo Lough is a small lake, but a big part of the scenery, particularly looking south with mountains surrounding it. 

This part of Mayo is easy to miss, the natural south-north route being from Connemara to Westport and visa versa.

You have to remember that this place exists and find the way through it, and you won’t regret it.

See Doo Lough, Co. Mayo Jigsaw Puzzle

See Doo Lough, Co. Mayo Playing Cards

Photograph of Ballina

Ballina, Co.Mayo

Ballina is the main town in north County Mayo and another gateway to some great scenery to its north and west.

To the north east is County Sligo wit some great beaches, and the magnificent Benbulban mountain.

Then to the south there’s Lough Conn which leads into the south on the county. 

See Ballina, Co.Mayo Jigsaw Puzzle

See Ballina, Co.Mayo Playing Cards

Photograph of Blake's Hill

Blake’s Hill, Galway

Blake’s Hill is at the very northern end of Galway City, at the southern entrance to Connemara.

The water in front of it is the sea, it’s called Rusheen Bay, and is just off Galway Bay.

See Blake’s Hill, Galway Jigsaw Puzzle

See Blake’s Hill, Galway Playing Cards

Photograph of St. Clare River

St. Clare River, Galway

One river, The Corrib enters Galway, and it’s also the one the enters the sea, after flowing through the city.

However, within the city it breaks into several small rivers, and a canal.

This is one of them, which is mostly hidden from general view as it passes a convents and schools. 

See St. Clare River, Galway Jigsaw Puzzle

See St. Clare River, Galway Playing Cards

Photograph of some rural houses

Rural Houses

These houses are on the coast road into Connemara and  are very typical of the region.

There’s a lot of housed dotted along this road with no discernible structure or planning.

This is true of all rural Ireland, but it seems that there’s a greater number of such houses here.

See Rural Houses Jigsaw Puzzle

See Rural Houses Playing Cards

Photograph of Salthill

Salthill and Galway Bay

I suppose if there’s a focal point of Galway bay it’s along here; the promenade of Salthill and The Claddagh.

This photograph is taken at the end of The Claddagh looking towards Salthill.

This is such a popular place for people to come from miles away and walk along the seafront. 

During lockdown, people must stay within five km. of home, there’s still plenty people, living close by, who walk here everyday.

See Salthill and Galway Bay Jigsaw Puzzle

See Salthill and Galway Bay Playing Cards