10 Good Reasons To Read Books

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There are many reasons to read books, and most of them are very good reasons.

Reading is good anyway, whether it’s books, newspapers, magazines, online or any other way you can.

Books can engage your senses in a more complete way than some more enticing media.

They can slow a hectic life down for a while, and bring back some needed perspective.

Here is a list of reasons to read books, as many and as often as you can

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Read books to learn

Reading books is one of the best ways to learn things. 

When you go to school, most of what you learn there will be presented to you in textbooks.

Those textbooks will be some of the most important books you’ll ever read.

You don’t have to confine your learning to just what you learn while in school.

During the years you attend there, you can continue to learn more in your spare time.

This can be done primarily through reading other books that you locate yourself. 

The time will come when you leave school, but you should never stop trying to learn more. 

Keep sourcing books and continuing to learn new things right through your life.

The quest to learn more is one of the great reasons to read books all your life.

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Get more knowledge through books

The more you know about things the better you will make your way through life.

Reading is one of the main ways to get to know things.

There are other ways, talking to people, listening to people, both in person and through various media.

However reading is a better way to get to know things, because it’s easy to pause and think.

You can go back and re-read a chapter, or a paragraph, to get a truer grasp of the  text.

Yes you can rewind a video, or listen again to an audio presentation, but you have to click buttons.

However it’s easier to look back up the page, and proceed at the pace that suits you.

As reasons to read books go, reading to know things is a very good one. 

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Entertainment is a good reason to read books

Sometimes you can read a book, particularly a humorous one, just to be entertained.

Sometimes it does a person good just to be entertained by something frivolous.

Again this can be achieved in a number of ways besides reading.

It is a good way, where you can stop and laugh if you feel the need to.

You can do the same when watching a film, but pausing one is disruptive in a way looking up isn’t. 

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use other media to do these things, but definitely include reading books. 

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Form a picture from what you read

Video and film is regarded as a more visual method of presentation, and one can’t argue with that.

Yet the pictures presented in this form don’t often stay imprinted on the mind.

Most of them flash fast and would have to be seen again to be easily recalled.

When you read a book, you form pictures of the things you’re reading about, and they can last longer.

Reading a book is a slower process than watching a film, and the picture forms gradually in your head.

Those pictures can lodge in your brain in a way that the rapid visuals of a film may not.

When thinking back about the book you can see the visual your mind built for you.

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Reading as or about a hobby

Another reason to read books is as a hobby, a pass time or form of recreation.

While everyone is different, this reading is likely to be very different to the books read in school.  

These books are most likely about subjects that you particularly like.

They could be about things like politics, sport, music or a particular interest you have.

Anybody who reads for this reason is sure to be a complete bookworm.

Many people just like to read regardless of the topic, where reading is their hobby.

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Reading to keep your mind healthy

It’s known that solving puzzles keeps a person’s mind active and healthy.

Reading also has the same effect because it also keeps the brain stimulated and active.

Using your brain constantly can help ward off the onset of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

I don’t think that anything can keep these horrible diseases away forever, they can slow them down.

So this means reading can be good for you and enjoyable at the same time.

What could be better than that.

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People like to read novels

Then there are types of book that make you want to read them anyway.

At the top of this list are novels, books with a story, and usually compelling.

Within the broad category of the novel, there are sub categories consisting of different genre of novel.

They include drama, romance, crime, period, western and a whole lot more.

Some people concentrate completely on one kind of novel while others like several.

Many people have a favourite author, or authors, who the return to whenever they publish a new book.

In the same way that singers and musicians have fans, authors have also. 

Then there are many writers who retain a popularity and an audience centuries after they’ve lived. 


Books of poetry are worth reading

Poetry isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but people do like it and maybe you’re one of those.

The message in a poem may not be as straight forward as that in prose.

Nevertheless, for those will to give it a go, poetry can be as satisfying as any other writing.

Some poets work has remained popular for several hundred years, possibly longer than any novelists.


Everyone should read some history

History is a fascinating subject, learning about what happened on Earth over millions of years.

Whether it’s a general interest overall, or an interest in a specific time and place, it’s truly interesting.

We’re introduced to history in school and some people are turned off the subject at that point.

Other people develop an interest in particular types of history like, art, music or sports history.

Then there are different ways of presenting the subject that make it more or less engaging.

It can be presented as statistics or bare facts, which may not capture many people’s attention.

When presented more in the form of a story it can interest many more people.

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Biography is a mixed bag

People’s own personal history or story are often presented in the form of a book.

These are called biographies and once again can be compulsive reading for some people.

The story of a person written by someone else is simply called a biography.

Sometimes these are written while the person is still alive, and sometimes after they pass on.

When a person writes the story of their own life it’s called an autobiography.

While an autobiography may be published after they die, they’re obviously written before that.

Some biographies can be great reads, while others may not be that well written.  

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