PuzzlesGamesBooks is a website where I showcase my Jigsaw Puzzles and Puzzle and Pen and Paper Games books.

Jigsaw Puzzles

These images above are just three of the Jigsaw Puzzles that you can buy here. I have a growing number of them as I frequently add others.

Sudoku Puzzle Books

Probably the most popular puzzle at the moment ia Sudoku and I have some Sudoku Puzzle Books including the three shown above here.

Pen and Paper Game Books

Puzzles are generally solved alone, but sometimes it’s nice to play Pen and Paper games with friends. I have some books of Pen and Paper Games also, some with single games and others with different ones.

Playing Cards

As well as Jigsaw Puzzles I use my scenic photographs for a range of Playing cards also. While they are generally used to play games with, the can also be used as a form of puzzle when playing one of the single player card games.

Year Planners

All of my low content publications are not books of puzzles and games, I also have a range of other books, including these planners. Check out what else is on offer by clicking.

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